For the iPad

January 28, 2010

Did you check our last post?

You know, we’ve already had the iPads!!!

Ha-ha, they are  just fake ones. But we’ll have it soon. I’m really looking for to having it. What can I do with it?

We were all staring at the screen of our Macs at 3 o’clock in the morning (JST!),to catch the news in real time.

iPad was finally introduced this morning. That was the moment we’ve been waited for ages.

Watching the news about the  iPad, we realized the much possibility that it will be a key device to  renovate people’s life style.

The apps for the iPhone and iPod touch also work for the iPad. So, we decided to redesign our Zeptopad、Zeptoliner、and iShodo for the iPad.

The followings are the images of the apps in the iPad.

ZeptoPad for iPad

Zeptoliner for iPad

We’ll “redesign” our existing apps for the iPad. New features will be added to the renewed ones and would be some or quite different apps from the apps for iPhone /iPod touch.

Actually, the screen of  ZeptoPad for iPad was drawn with iPhone.

UEI was originally founded for the purpose of development of some “futuristic” tools to renovate people’s life style.

Detail of our History

We’ve felt that someday the hardware’s technological breakthrough will come and have researched on the device which supports multi-touch feature.

ZeptoPad and Zeptoliner are the ones created as we researched on such multi-touch mobile devices. They are the one necessary for the mobiles to be  the “futuristic tools.”

It was our challenge to create the practical stationeries for iPhone.  But the products were loved by many users and we could hear their voices. We believe that the version-ups made the tools more useful and productive.

Sometimes we were troubled by the size of the iPhone and the iPod touch. The small screen might confine the possibility of one’s drawing with ZeptoPad.

However, the iPad can resolve this problem. ZeptoPad was originally developed for the coming tablet devices like iPad.  So, we think, now is the new start point to develop more “futuristic” tools!

Our dream became bigger as the screen of iPad is bigger than iPhone! Ha-ha.

Hello dear dear everyone,

The 2009 left really really short. Do you remember we were in USA and exhibited at Macworld 2009 in the beginning of this year? In the plain to LA, our baby was born. Her name is iShodo.

During this year, her sister was also born. Loved by everyone, she grew up a little, rather, much as a big sister.

Now as a year old lady, her grown up features are:

  • Red ink
  • Creating your own T-shirt!!!

*The original T-shirt store is available only in Japan… unfortunately. The price is ¥2010.

Let’s write Kakizome together with iShodo also in 2010! Do you writing your new year’s decision or draw pictures? Write and show your creation and wear it!

Not only iShodo, but also Zeptoliner is also up-graded to 1.52. Some bugs were fixed!

Thank you very very much for your love and cheering. We hope your long long love for our zeptotools.

Our journey never ends, we and our children will grow up more in 2010 too! Thank you 2009 and welcome 2010.

Happy happy new year to you 😀

Zeptoliner 1.50 Available!

November 5, 2009


Hello there,
Zeptoliner was upgraded to ver. 1.50.
It’s not major system upgrade but some minor bugs were fixed!

Oh, also, in old versions, blue lines showed up when you selected a line. But in current version, black line will appear to indicate the line you selected.

Thanks so much for using Zeptoliner.

I recommend you refer to this article by Mr Serkan Toto on TechCrunch!

There are hundreds of, tons of, millions of apps on the AppStore. Some of them are made in the east island, Japan. But it is difficult to know whether an app is good or not. Some big companies you may know and you may trust their products. But how about other ones by a not big or famous company? 

The article above focuses on apps by more local companies and available in English, not only in Japanese. It introduces 32 Japanese good, or better, or the best apps, such as Gang Street Wars by DigiDock, Broadway Cafe by Artscape and Istpika, and Glandarius Wing Strike by IZUMOGASIN for Game category.

In Productivity section, both our ZeptoLiner and ZeptoPadare introduced along with gottaDo2 by Istpika and PokeDia by s21g.

In addition to Tools, Photography and Art, Music, there is a category “Everything else. ” In it, our Quick Pigeon appears.

I really think the article is a great guide list for you when you are in troubled what app is good because there are 4 of our apps!! ha-ha. But anyway, we really appreciate Mr Toto’s article introducing our apps and hope it is really helpful for you. We’ll do the best to create good apps continually to attract reviewers’, readers’ and app users’ attentions!

See you next time 🙂

Hi, how you doing?
Sorry for kept you waiting so long, but finally, I brought the news about upgrade of ZeptoLiner!

In the new ZeptoLiner 1.4, two features are added: incremental search and selection to write a note with/out check-boxes.

Incremental search of ZeptoLiner 1.4 progressively searches for and filter only through your ZeptoLiner’s notes. If you took many notes on your ZeptoLiner, it would become more difficult to find the exact note you wanted. But, no more such difficulties. The incremental search of ZeptoLiner would help you to find the words or phrases you want to read again. The search is only thorough your ZeptoLiner, to avoid finding more results than you expected searching through applications on your iPhone.


As one more new feature, you can select to or not to add check-boxes to your notes. Though it is one of the features of  ZeptoLiner to use it as to-do list, sometimes you may not need to use check-boxes on your notes. With ver. 1.4 you can use check-boxes with more flexibility.


OPML import function from other outliner processors like OmniOutliner is, of course, continually available.

Upgrading of ZeptoLiner to ver. 1.4 is FREE! Why don’t you check it out on AppStore?

Hope the new features are helpful for you. We are happy if you could comment on the new features, ZeptoLiner, or ZeptoTools on this blog. If you have any other requests or questions, feel free to ask us.

I’ll bring more upgrade news or new apps later, soon!

See you then 🙂

Hi, how you doing? Do you like driving? As we drove between Los Angels and San Fransisco, and from Rome to Barcelona, we love driving!

On this weekend, we went for a drive from Akihabara, Tokyo to Nagoya, Aichi to eat Misokatsu, Hitsu-mabushi and Uiro, and to visit Nagoya castle… ha-ha. Unfortunately we wanted to , but didn’t have enough time to do that, but actually we went to Nagoya, of course, to promote our apps at AppleStore in Nagoya!




In the store, we gave a presentation of ZeptoPad, ZeptoLiner, and iShodo. All the seat for visitors were occupid and some people saw our presentation standing on the stairs as the photo shows! Thank you for coming and seeing our presentation! Hope you all enjoyed our presentation.




Other apps were also introduced in the store, such as Finger Piano, and a super iPhone journalist, Mr Nobi gave a lecture on iPhone.

Sorry but I’ll inform you of our new game app soon, and one more piece of good news I’m going to bring to you! ZeptoLiner is going to upgrade shortly. On the next version, searching function will be available and a few other things will be improved!

Hopefully I can tell you these things in detail soon. Sorry for keeping you so long time, but I’m glad if you are patient until then;-)

Well, before that, where shall I take a drive next?

Dear all,

Hello, how you doing? Today, I brought a good news for you!Do you have a ZeptoLiner?

As you may know, it is an application of outline processor for iPhone. Have you tried experimental OPML import function of it? We have announced it at the end of last year. As 3 months passed, the function’s grade was up and Beta ver. of OPML import function for ZeptoLiner has just started.

ZeptoLiner OPML Converter Beta

If an OPML format file is uploaded on the web converter, the web will convert the format into another one for ZeptoLiner. Then, you can send the file to an iPhone.

Now we are checking the functionality under the OPMLs of major outline processors (or outliner softwares), like Omni Outliner.

You will be asked to set your password because the conversion is be done through the web. Click the URL in the e-mail you got, and Safari will start. Then, enter your password which you set at the web above,  and OPML will be imported.

At the present stage, user interface is not so excellent due to iPhone’s functional limitations. However, we will open this service to the public. Because we suppose many people want to use the function.

At the test, 200KB OPML file was successfully imported. Though, It is possible to import 5,000 lines, iPhone itself may not be able to process such volume. So, we recommend importing around 500 lines.

We hope this function is helpful and useful for you.

Best wishes, bye:D

Try Zeptoliner

January 21, 2009

Hello, how things going for you?

I suppose you know Zeptoliner, an outliner application, but not all of you have tried it.  Today, I tell good news for the people who wanted to try it. The trial version of Zeptoliner is now available! So, let’s check the usability by it:-)

The functions of trial version are almost the same as of full version. It enables you to save up to 5 notes and to add 20 lines in each note. 

Of course it’s free!

Just check it out on AppStore!


Hi all! I’m Ryo.

I try to make an OPML import function for Zeptoliner.
Because Simon was suggested to us
via comment of this blog.

I thought most easy way to transfer OPML to Zeptoliner on iPhone is thru e-mail.

Taku Mizuno was made a mail server prototype rapidly, and I made a few code for that.

This importer is very simple. You don’t have to any upgrade your Zeptoliner.

This is a mail server. and you send a mail to attatch with OPML file.
You can try it right now.

Then, you’ll receive a email from, it has a link for launch Zeptoliner.

It seems working. I tried a OPML from OmniOutliner. And works good.

But I faced on big problem.
Limitation of URL length.

Older version of iPhone OS has no limitation of URL length.
But iPhone OS 2.2 seems to be clip around 10K bytes.

So you can import very small OPML file.

Unfortunately, It is a junk.

We try to find an other way to import OPML to Zeptoliner.

Thank you Simon.