Hi, how you doing? Do you like driving? As we drove between Los Angels and San Fransisco, and from Rome to Barcelona, we love driving!

On this weekend, we went for a drive from Akihabara, Tokyo to Nagoya, Aichi to eat Misokatsu, Hitsu-mabushi and Uiro, and to visit Nagoya castle… ha-ha. Unfortunately we wanted to , but didn’t have enough time to do that, but actually we went to Nagoya, of course, to promote our apps at AppleStore in Nagoya!




In the store, we gave a presentation of ZeptoPad, ZeptoLiner, and iShodo. All the seat for visitors were occupid and some people saw our presentation standing on the stairs as the photo shows! Thank you for coming and seeing our presentation! Hope you all enjoyed our presentation.




Other apps were also introduced in the store, such as Finger Piano, and a super iPhone journalist, Mr Nobi gave a lecture on iPhone.

Sorry but I’ll inform you of our new game app soon, and one more piece of good news I’m going to bring to you! ZeptoLiner is going to upgrade shortly. On the next version, searching function will be available and a few other things will be improved!

Hopefully I can tell you these things in detail soon. Sorry for keeping you so long time, but I’m glad if you are patient until then;-)

Well, before that, where shall I take a drive next?