Glandarius Wing Strike

April 16, 2009

Finally, finally, the game I wrote about before was released today! That means the seal on my mouth was also removed. So I would like to let you know about it, Glandarius Wing Strike!

Glandarius Wing Strike is a shooting game application for iPhone / iPod touch. It is the first game created by IZUMOGASIN, as I introduced in the post of the other day.


Moving your aircraft and emitting lock-on lasers and normal beams, you attack on the adversaries, the Galaxy Imperial Force. If you tap the screen, your aircraft moves horizontally to the place you tapped. Also your aircraft emits normal beams by tapping the screen. When you push the screen or slide your finger on the screen and the adversaries come in front of your aircraft,  you can lock them on up to 4 at the same time. Then, if you remove your finger from the screen, lock-on laser beams will be emitted to them.

You can do these things only with one finger!


The first stage is above the sea around Kunashiri island. The first mission is to make surprise attack and defeat the forces of Galaxy Imperial Armies recently extending their force to the island.The game has 5 more stages. A variety and unique stages are waiting for your challenge!

In addition, it has 3 game systems: honor, class and ranking. The game will confer titles of honor on you according to your play style. If you clear the stage more strategically, more cool title will be conferred on you. I was given the titles like “Chicken” or “Hasty Man” in the beginning… Also grading system will tell your class by the result of your battles. From “Aircraft Fan,” the least class, to how high class will you get? Furthermore, the game provide high-score ranking both on your application and on the Internet. You can check how high point did other players score. How about showing your great strategical result off to other players?

From beginner to advanced players, you will find your own play style.

Beautiful graphics and clear sound and music will make your game experience more enjoyable. Not only high quality graphics, but also movement of the aircraft or scrolling is really smooth.

Finally, the most important thing… the price is $4.99!

Do you want to try it? We are looking forward to hearing your impressions of GWS!


If you enjoy this game, we are really really glad;-)

Glandarius Wing Strike official home page

IZUMOGASIN official home page



April 2, 2009

Hi there! It’s warmer and warmer day by day, but has summer already come? I feel hot rather than warm because I’m excited that I will be able to inform you of our new application for iPhone/iPod touch! Before the application, today, I would like to introduce our new brand name for the applications.


IZUMOGASIN is a brand name of the game applications for iPhone/iPod touch created by AQ Interactive and Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. Under this name, new and innovative games which will be created utilizing mixture of Japanese conventional game-create experience and ZeptoTool’s technology, will be released. The 1st game is released in this April, this month! 7 games are going to be released within this year.

For inquiries or further information about our games, please e-mail to

We can provide free copies of the application for webmasters or the mass media. Please let us know if you are interested in. (We are sorry but the number of free copies is limited. Providing it will be stopped after a certain number of inquiries. Thank you for your understanding!)

I suppose that readers are not familiar with AQ Interactive, so I would like to introduce a brief profile of the company.

AQ Interactive was founded by Mr Hayao Nakayama who has also founded SEGA. It is a rising game publisher where a number of creators who have worked at SEGA or SQUARE work. Mr Hironobu Sakaguchi, who is famous for Final Fantasy series, is also a member of it.

Mr Tomoyuki Takechi, ex-chairman of SQUARE and one of founders of UEI, is the president and CEO of AQI, which is a public company capitalized at 310 million yen.

I will inform the application itself soon, so please be patient until then! Of course, please remember to ask the free copies to the if you are interested in.

Hope summer will come to you as well.

See you soon.