Karaoke Cyberspace Cowboys

January 30, 2009

“DaDaLaLaDaLaLaTa~ Denno-kukan Cowboys~♪”

Do you like Karaoke? I love it very much! As you know, Karaoke is really popular in Japan. Every month, hundreds new songs are added to the Karaoke list. The catalogue becomes thicker and thicker month by month. That troubles me which song I sing. But next month, we must check out at least this new one, 

‘CyberSpaceCowboys v.3.02’ !!!! by Cyberspace Cowboys

CSC is a band of wild computer cowboys formed in the electric city, Akihabara, Tokyo. The group comprises Shin Ishimaru, the learder, Togusa Akizuki, Keith Yodobashi and Rick Tsukumo.  The song above is the theme song of a Podcast programme, Akiba-keiDenno-Kukan Cowboys(アキバ系!電脳空間カウボーイズ/Akiba-kei Cyberspace Cowboys).

Some readers may have already heard the music. Because the songs by CSC are also used in videos of Zeptotools!

‘Cyber CityAkihabara’ and ‘8Bit Song’

I know the song is difficult to understand without seeing the lyric… so, why don’t you try the song to know what they say;-) Karaoke distribution of CSCv.3.02 is starting by DAM from February 24th (in Japan, maybe later in USA!?). Enjoy it!

“Denno-kukan Cowboys~”♪