Hello everyone,

A Japanese calligraphy simulator for the iPad, iShodo for iPad, has been released! Your iPad will be transformed into a calligraphy kit and you can easily enjoy writing letters and drawing pictures with it.

Now available at AppStore for $6.99!

You can select a brush size of thin, medium, and large. Black and red color ink are available. For dynamic letters or detailed pictures, you can use it for many writings.

Once you finished creating your work, you can save it to your iPad’s photo library. Send it to Twitter, and it will be sent to the iShodo users’ gallery too. Show and enjoy works of iShodo with other users.

Visit users’ gallery: http://ishodo.com/gallery/

When the iPad is used vertically, paper will be shown in full screen. You can enjoy real, beautiful and smooth writing on the screen of the iPad.

For further detaill: http://ishodo.com/

I’m looking forward to seeing your works at the users’ gallery.

Enjoy Japanese calligraphy with iShodo. Hope you like it:)


For the iPad

January 28, 2010

Did you check our last post?

You know, we’ve already had the iPads!!!

Ha-ha, they are  just fake ones. But we’ll have it soon. I’m really looking for to having it. What can I do with it?

We were all staring at the screen of our Macs at 3 o’clock in the morning (JST!),to catch the news in real time.

iPad was finally introduced this morning. That was the moment we’ve been waited for ages.

Watching the news about the  iPad, we realized the much possibility that it will be a key device to  renovate people’s life style.

The apps for the iPhone and iPod touch also work for the iPad. So, we decided to redesign our Zeptopad、Zeptoliner、and iShodo for the iPad.

The followings are the images of the apps in the iPad.

ZeptoPad for iPad

Zeptoliner for iPad

We’ll “redesign” our existing apps for the iPad. New features will be added to the renewed ones and would be some or quite different apps from the apps for iPhone /iPod touch.

Actually, the screen of  ZeptoPad for iPad was drawn with iPhone.

UEI was originally founded for the purpose of development of some “futuristic” tools to renovate people’s life style.

Detail of our History

We’ve felt that someday the hardware’s technological breakthrough will come and have researched on the device which supports multi-touch feature.

ZeptoPad and Zeptoliner are the ones created as we researched on such multi-touch mobile devices. They are the one necessary for the mobiles to be  the “futuristic tools.”

It was our challenge to create the practical stationeries for iPhone.  But the products were loved by many users and we could hear their voices. We believe that the version-ups made the tools more useful and productive.

Sometimes we were troubled by the size of the iPhone and the iPod touch. The small screen might confine the possibility of one’s drawing with ZeptoPad.

However, the iPad can resolve this problem. ZeptoPad was originally developed for the coming tablet devices like iPad.  So, we think, now is the new start point to develop more “futuristic” tools!

Our dream became bigger as the screen of iPad is bigger than iPhone! Ha-ha.

Hello dear dear everyone,

The 2009 left really really short. Do you remember we were in USA and exhibited at Macworld 2009 in the beginning of this year? In the plain to LA, our baby was born. Her name is iShodo.

During this year, her sister was also born. Loved by everyone, she grew up a little, rather, much as a big sister.

Now as a year old lady, her grown up features are:

  • Red ink
  • Creating your own T-shirt!!!

*The original T-shirt store is available only in Japan… unfortunately. The price is ¥2010.

Let’s write Kakizome together with iShodo also in 2010! Do you writing your new year’s decision or draw pictures? Write and show your creation and wear it!

Not only iShodo, but also Zeptoliner is also up-graded to 1.52. Some bugs were fixed!

Thank you very very much for your love and cheering. We hope your long long love for our zeptotools.

Our journey never ends, we and our children will grow up more in 2010 too! Thank you 2009 and welcome 2010.

Happy happy new year to you 😀

iShodo @Koenji

July 13, 2009

Hello, how are you doing in these melting days?
I wrote about iShodo’s younger sister on my last post. Today, I’m writing about the elder sister, iShodo.
It was afternoon of a melting day when I was surfing on the sea of YouTube to enjoy the cool air of a cafe, and I found a clip posted by an iShodo user. With iShodo, the user writes the names which were found on the streets of Koenji.

Mabashi, Ome, Itsukaichi, and Kannana… Can you find which street he walked at that time??? It’s too difficult even for me…
But anyway, Koenji is one of places in Tokyo I like. There are many good daily shops and second-hand shops you can buy many things in cheaper price. Also many cool cafes and bars are there.
Next time when you visit Koenji or any other city, how about writing the names of things you fiund there with iShodo?

Thank you so much salondekoenji for creating so nice clip!
Really thanks every iShodo user for using the app:):)

Hi everyone,

Regarding our goal to create alternative stationary for future, that does not mean to eliminate traditional ones. What we try to do is to renovate them for future style, so iPhone app is the new way for the renovation…

iShodo was born in December and have been loved by many users since its released. We are really happy our app is loved by many users. Regarding the app, her sister was born!!!

She is s fountain pen application. As for fountain pens, many people would use the fountain pens by MONTBLANC. The company is one of the most famous stationary makers in the world, and the new application was created in collaboration with the company! The same technology as iShodo is applied to her to realize the reality of the way to write with a fountain pen.

The baby’s face is now open to the pubic at Mitsukoshi in Nihonbashi, Japan. I put some pictures of her on this post. She will stand with her feet and start to walk before so long. First in Japan, and soon after that, she will be able to visit your iPhone around the world!








Hope you will love the application and we can create something interesting for you. Please wait for her until she is released on the AppStore!

Hi, how you doing? Do you like driving? As we drove between Los Angels and San Fransisco, and from Rome to Barcelona, we love driving!

On this weekend, we went for a drive from Akihabara, Tokyo to Nagoya, Aichi to eat Misokatsu, Hitsu-mabushi and Uiro, and to visit Nagoya castle… ha-ha. Unfortunately we wanted to , but didn’t have enough time to do that, but actually we went to Nagoya, of course, to promote our apps at AppleStore in Nagoya!




In the store, we gave a presentation of ZeptoPad, ZeptoLiner, and iShodo. All the seat for visitors were occupid and some people saw our presentation standing on the stairs as the photo shows! Thank you for coming and seeing our presentation! Hope you all enjoyed our presentation.




Other apps were also introduced in the store, such as Finger Piano, and a super iPhone journalist, Mr Nobi gave a lecture on iPhone.

Sorry but I’ll inform you of our new game app soon, and one more piece of good news I’m going to bring to you! ZeptoLiner is going to upgrade shortly. On the next version, searching function will be available and a few other things will be improved!

Hopefully I can tell you these things in detail soon. Sorry for keeping you so long time, but I’m glad if you are patient until then;-)

Well, before that, where shall I take a drive next?

iShodo & Photo Brush

March 13, 2009

Hi all,

Are you enjoying iShodo? About 2 months has passed since its release. I continue to make at least a sheet of work per day. Though I agree that black monotone color is one of Japanese calligraphy’s elements and that is a cool point of iShodo, sometimes, sooometimes I feel an impulse to use color  in iShodo work.

So, with other applications, I decorated my iShodo works. This time, I used Photo Brush by Bobby & Sam’s Software. The followings are parts of my works! So cute, aren’t they?

logo with stars

"ZeptoTools" with stars

with dots and clovers

A girl with dots and clovers

Japanese style with musical notes

Japanese style with musical notes

Flowers with clovers

Flowers with pink clovers

Photo Brush is an application to “customize photos by using your finger as a paint brush and a large assortments of designs in a rainbow of colours as paint.” Lite version is also available!

If you’ve already enjoyed iShodo with other applications or in another amazing way, why don’t you show it to us on facebook?

Of course, we are developing new applications, at the same time, we are improving and finding a new way of use in the current apps!

Hope your continual love for ZeptoTools,


I’m really grateful to everyone for loving our iShodo.

I just found that iShodo ranks 1st in AppStore. That made me happy and will encourage our colleague.


We keep developing such applications which are loved, interesting and useful for many people.

Thanks again,




January 7, 2009

Hi! hottest news is here!



Our new iPhone/iPod touch application is now available at AppStore! It is “i-Shodo (書道)”, the application of Japanese calligraphy. You will enjoy smooth writing not only traditional Japanese letters, but also any words of any languages. Also you can draw pictures with it.


It reproduces the quality of Japanese calligraphy such as “tome” (stop), “hane” (upward brushstroke), “Harai” (sweeping) and the line will be blurred when you write many strokes or long lines. Then, add ink in Suzuri (ink pod), and the blackness of blush stroke become stronger again.


Once you write down any stroke on Hanshi (Japanese drawing paper), cancelation of it is not be allowed. It may be inconvenience to some people, but it is one of the strict realizations of the process of Japanese calligraphy. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!



You can save your works, send them to twitter and view other users’ calligraphy on the web. Let’s enjoy it with other people!



It’s only 99! How cheap!!


Now available in App Store 

Check it at the website, www.ishodo.com