Beauty, Truth, and Creativity

February 17, 2009

‘”Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” –that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’ by John Keats

Though this is really controversy sentence, I think, for Keats, beauty is connected to truth, and his imagination is the way to access the divine sphere, or truth. To know the truth, he sough the beauty, and his imagination was inspired by beauty.
About two hundreds after John Keats’s death in Rome, computer cowboys also visited there in search of beauty for their creativity.


To attend one of the world-wide largest event, Mobile  World Congress 2009 at Barcelona, (and escaping from conventional Japanese St Valentine Day!) they left Japan for Rome, Italy. They drive from Rome to Barcelona looking for some beauty experience.

In Rome, they visited romantic ruins, Colosseo, solemn Vatican city, and faced at beautiful sunset scenery at Piazza di Spagna.  Although, the atmosphere of historical places were really impressive for the cowboys, the history of Rome was not the exact beauty which cowboys wanted. So they started again their travel looking for more beautiful things (of course they should arrive at Barcelona by 16th not to miss MWC!).


In Florence, they found many lovely back allies. On the way to Venice, they faced at beautiful sunset again in the local town. At Venice, though they were lost in the complicated allies of Venice, really enjoyed canals and beautiful architecture of the city.


It seems that beautiful experiences are not only in art, but also in nature, history, or ordinary things. Their travel will not stop until they are satisfied with beauty (and reach Barcelona). So searching for creativity hungrily, they continue driving in Europe (sometimes they are really starving because they should drive during the night and cannot have meals).