BullCam Evolution

September 11, 2009

We are terribly sorry for inconvenience of BullCam, but today, I can tell you a good news about it!

The app does not work on the OS 3.0 and currently is not available on the AppStore. However, fixing the app is in progress favourably and I can say that it will be available again on the OS 3.1 around the beginning of next month.

At the same time, it is being evolutionized for the next version-up. The new feature, output function will be added. You can display the screen of BullCam on a display monitor, such as TV, and will check and enjoy your photos on the monitor!


Please remember BullCam and be patient a little bit more until the release of evolutionized BullCam!

Thanks for your understanding.

Bye 😉

Hi all,

Have you installed iPhone/iPod touch OS 3.0? New features are now available and new applications for the OS 3.0 are also releasing one after another. I’ll post about our new applications later.

Regarding BullCam, some BullCam lovers may have noticed that the app does not work on OS 3.0 and it is now not on the AppStore. Really sorry for inconvenience, but that is just temporal. We are now renewing the app to work on the new OS. So please be patient for a while until we upgrade it. It should be not so long.

Thank you for your understanding! Hope you will enjoy BullCam continually on your iPhone OS 3.0!

BullCam & Color Canvas

March 14, 2009

How things going?

Are you enjoying  BullCam life? Today’s weather was so nice, so I went for a walk along the beach near my house, and took pictures with BullCam. About 2 months has passed since its release, and I continue to take at least … ha ha (see previous entry), but still enjoy taking pictures with it.

BullCam is simple continuous shooting camera. The pictures by BullCam themselves are enjoyable. But, there should be a lot of ways to make it different, like Jet☆Daisuke’s animation.  Exploring  the sea of application to find new possibility, today, I got a treasure of application, ColorCanvas by Big Canvas Inc. (They are webmasters too!!).



black-white & colors

black-white & colors

black-white & colors

black-white & colors



Did you find the differences between them? ColorCanvas is a software to make the picture firstly in black and white, and add color again to the picture by brushing over it. With the application, you can arrange BullCam picture’s color frame by frame!

You can change the opacity of color. So, it’s easy to make gradation color photos like below.



The sea of applications expands day by day, it’s difficult to try them all, but we should explore more applications. Combination of applications will make us strong and make our iPhone life more interesting! and exciting!

See you at the next island;-)

Captain Hidemy

BullCam + J☆D = Video

January 27, 2009

Hi, how are you?

Do you know Mr Jet☆Daisuke? He is one of the popular bloggers in Japan, and one of the BullCam users! The other day, he made a Photoshop action, BullCam2Animation, and talked about it on his blog (in Japanese). It is an amazing action. It enable you to make GIF animation from the pictures took with BullCam! So today I’d like to introduce his action and tell you how to make an animation like this.

How to make animation (tips suggested by J☆D):
1) Take pictures in the following settings: frames of pictures: 4:3 frame, numbers of pictures: 16 (max), intervals of shots: max.
As the picture below:

2) On the Photoshop, open the file of the picture and launch the action, BullCam2Animation, and the image sequence will be made soon. Just save the sequence in GIF format.

That’s all! The sequence can be opened in QuickTime. So, uploading it on YouTube is easy. The video above is also made and uploaded by Mr J☆D.

Are you interested in it? Try it and enjoy BullCam more!

Download BullCam2Animation

Thank you very much Mr Jet☆Daisuke. You made a super action! 

See you☆

Cooking BullCam PV in 30min

January 16, 2009

The other day, we visited our friend at Mahalo in Los Angeles. His name is Tylor. Although we haven’t seen for a long time, he warmly welcomed us. We showed him our new photo application, BullCam. At first glance, he became a fan of it.


“Oh, cool! It’s a good seller, isn’t it?”

“Yes, in Japan but not at all in United States… Do you have any idea to sell it more in America?”

“It needs more promotion and more effective explanation of it. Video is the best. OK, I’ll make it now.”



Then, he called Leah.


“This is Ryu.”

“Oh, you’re a street fighter!”

“Sorry, I’m Ryo.”

“Oh, excuse me, anyway, he is from Japan.”


Tylor showed her our app and asked her to explain in the video. She is a professional model and gladly undertook the role. Soon they started to make the PV. Only I could do was watching at their work.



“Thanks so much, it’s really nice video.”

“Let’s edit it!”


“Of course. It’s good to do interesting things fast.”


Then, he started to edit it with Kay. They finished editing in a flash. I was so impressed not only at their speed of work but also at the polished video.


“Kay is an expert and has magic of editing.”

“So great…!”

“Then, upload this on YouTube.”

“Why don’t you eating out while uploading? I’ll treat you.”

“Thanks! What do you want to have?”

“How about sushi?”

“Yeah, let’s.”


This is the story how this video was made. I think the video was made in less than 30 minutes. 




Tylor, Leah and Kay, thanks for your cooperation from tons of my heart!


BullCam is now availabe

January 12, 2009

Hi there,


We released a new app for the iPhone! The name is BullCam.


It is an application which transforms your iPhone camera into a multi-lendsed camera. You can take 3 to 16 sequential pictures. Also possible to swithc wide/normal shape of frames, and to change intervals of shutters between 100ms and 800ms. 

You can save the pictures into Photo Library of iPhone as a sheet and upload it onto the Twitter! So, share and view user gallery at Twitter.


This application will expand your photo experience.   It allows you to make make dynamic pictures or multi objects pictures.

Catch your dramatic moments and make catchy pictures!

It is now available at AppStore, only for$0.99!