The first day of the event, Sei-sei Rei-rei (清々冷々), was finished perfectly and fantastically.


During the flight from Amsterdam to Tokyo, for scribbling on the wall of world heritage shrine, a evil soldier, dark knight ZeptoPad which has black worksheet, was born. UEI team gathered to Kamigamo shrine in Kyoto to complete the mission.  With the new-born dark knight ZeptoPad in iPod Touch 3G and Macbook, Sho and Reiko scribbled… nay, put the seal of ancient hieroglyph on the walls of the shrine and trees at the event.


As I said above, Kamigamo shrine is one of the world cultural heritage and one of the important cultural properties in Japan. There remains solemn and ancient atmosphere, and many traditional and important ceremonies were held there.  At the place, melodious tunes of trumpet by Mr Kondo, technological graphics directed by Ms Tosa, and a ritual prayer offered to a Shinto god, all of them were harmonized fantastically and illusionally. The evildoing of dark knight Zeptopad was transformed into a nice illumination by the harmonized magic. Many people come to the event. The templeture was below zero degree Celsius, however, in the charm of the event, people forgot such coldness.

kamigamo0 kamigamo6kamigamo7

We really appreciate joining this conventional but unconventional event. We are so excited at the event and looking forward to the second day! The new-born dark knight ZeptoPad will try to do mischief tomorrow as well, but will be transformed into a cool knight in the divine ceremony at cool night.

Mr Toshinori Kondo is the grobal trumpet player.The clip below is his trumpet play in Araska. 

Ms Naoko Tosais a professor of Kyoto University whowas a fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS).