BullCam + J☆D = Video

January 27, 2009

Hi, how are you?

Do you know Mr Jet☆Daisuke? He is one of the popular bloggers in Japan, and one of the BullCam users! The other day, he made a Photoshop action, BullCam2Animation, and talked about it on his blog (in Japanese). It is an amazing action. It enable you to make GIF animation from the pictures took with BullCam! So today I’d like to introduce his action and tell you how to make an animation like this.

How to make animation (tips suggested by J☆D):
1) Take pictures in the following settings: frames of pictures: 4:3 frame, numbers of pictures: 16 (max), intervals of shots: max.
As the picture below:

2) On the Photoshop, open the file of the picture and launch the action, BullCam2Animation, and the image sequence will be made soon. Just save the sequence in GIF format.

That’s all! The sequence can be opened in QuickTime. So, uploading it on YouTube is easy. The video above is also made and uploaded by Mr J☆D.

Are you interested in it? Try it and enjoy BullCam more!

Download BullCam2Animation

Thank you very much Mr Jet☆Daisuke. You made a super action! 

See you☆