This is the story of the future imagined by a Japanese cyberspace cowboy, Ryo.

As a leading company, Microsoft shows the bright future vision and image of IT in this clip.

Like Microsoft, I’d like big companies to make people happy with their bright vision. This clip is really cool. It’s clear and easy to understand the convenience of future technology and how will the technology become. It also shows the clear direction of the business world.

But, if I could say, when will the transparent touch screen be made?  By 2019, will it ready for sale? Actually 10 years ago, Japanese mobile company made a video under the similar concept to it. In addition, the cool technologies in the clip are unrelated to the products of Microsoft. No Windows, no Office.  They predicts completely new products of their brand?

Contrary to it, Apple’s Knowledge Navigator visualized the “future products of Apple.”

Anyway, Microsoft shows the vision as a leading company. Then, what do we, UEI, as a follower company, show our vision?

Ryo thinks, in the future, there is few screens on everything.

Microsoft seems to be going to expand the possibility of “Windows,” he thinks the function of screen will be less important thought still some needed. Rather, computers will be less and less.

In our future life, computer will disappear. At least, it will completely transform.

For example, thought, Microsoft shows “Digital Wallet,” he thinks the future wallet differently.

Because we’ve already used “Felica,” a  wallet in mobile which can function as a wallet, credit cards, transportation cards, point cards, without switching the functions on the screen. Adopting the technology of Felica, many cards are easily integrated into one device.  You can use even when the device’s power is off because it is magnetic device.

So, “Felica” is the good example of no-screen computing, sometimes, no-power.  Technology of this kind will be expanded wholly  in the future.

However, screens won’t disappear suddenly. Many people, including Ryo, will be troubled by such sudden disappearing of screens. Little by little, not sure in 10 or 20 years, but it will disappear before so long.

Instead, as alternative to the screens, for instance, glasses will be used.

On the glasses, information of what you see in real time is displayed. This is the next stage. I cannot say so confidently that it become popular. It also can be said such glasses won’t be popular.

In any case, finally people need not read words. “Inspiration” comes to you when you are walking.

“That restaurant seems to be good.”

Inspiration like this is sent by the mobile directly to you. You may think it is unrealistic, considering the development of neuroscience. But Ryo dares to think for the future of 10 years after. Impossibility will make things progress.

In addition, “notification” only is not so difficult. Vibration of a mobile is the function to notify something.

The vibration “tells” something when you are walking on the road. From the patterns of vibration, you can know what it “tells,” such as receiving e-mail, incoming call or  notification that your something favourite is near.

This time, one of the patterns of them tells you that your favourite restaurant is near.

You happen to be hungry, so you go to the restaurant. The restaurant’s owner pays the affiliate fee  to the agency for your entering.

As this example shows, screens are not needed.

Inspiration, rather, like a situation someone who knows you well notifies on your shoulder. Like friends, lovers, the person who understand your favourite, it can tell you which restaurant is your favourite without words. If this “conversation” is done appropriately, it can be said smooth communication method.

Input your detail profile or preferences, the mobile analyses your preference and suggest suitable things. Having such a mobile phone, you can get the information without seeing screens.

To be continued…