Quick Pigeion 1.01

July 6, 2009

Hello, how is your pigeon?

As for our renewal of our applications, new version of Quick Pigeon was also released. Some bugs were fixed and more people, like the Exchange users, will be able to use without crush. 

If your pigeons seem to be ill or have any other problem, please let me know. We will diagnose and cure it as soon as possible. 

Thank you for using our pigeons:)

As for our new application for iPhone OS 3.0, we have released QuickPigeon. It’s FREE app and now available on the AppStore 😉


Some of you may have already noticed on the AppStore! The top middle one is it!

This is a “carrier pigeon” application which utilizes the Push Notification Service, one of new features of iPhone OS 3.0. Though, a few decades ago, carrier pigeons were more popular than now, recently, instead of them, we use email, mobile phones and iPhone.

Email or text are much faster and certain way to send someone specifically something and get contact with them. But don’t you feel that email took longer to get replies to casual short question, such as “How about having lunch with me?” “Do you wanna go to drink?” and text is expensive to do that?  If you have felt such things, please try QuickPigeon!

Just write and send Yes/No question to your friends, and your questions will be sent as HTML mail.  Your friends can directly answer Yes or No to the mail.



By the Push Notification Service, the Pigeon will tell you that you have received the answers. His notification singing will be different depending on the answer. After some exchanges, you will be able to know whether the answer is Yes or No only by hearing his singing.

When you asked more than one friend, you can chekc their answers in a list.


Though, this application utilizes the Push Notification Service, you can send your pigeon to any version of iPhone/ iPod touch and Mac. Receivers can also reply with any of them.

How about experiencing the little excitement of sending and receiving pigeons again with this application?

Hope this application will make  your iPhone life and communication a little more joyful  and a bit dear.

Hum… I feel like going have lunch with friends, “Have you have had lunch?” and send it to them by my Pigeon … OK!


QuickPigeion Official Website