Shi3z @Japanese TV Show

March 11, 2009

Economic recession! I want it to go away soon… Not only companies but also students in Japan are suffering from the recession. Companies recruit less and less new people.

The other day, Ryo, oh sorry, Mr Shimizu was invited as a guest adviser of a TV Show. Every time the programme invites one professionals in business and the guest gives advice to students.Sony’s ex-chairperson, Mr Idei or CEOs of big companies were the advisers in the past. Also, one of MCs in the show is famous Japanese comedian. Chihara Jr. I love him!

Anyway, in the show, Ryo told his future vision (like the posts a few days ago) and the image of person he wanted to hire. He said that a good programmer loves computer, and a good worker loves their company. If one has love for the company, not only the company’s fame, but also the worker’s skill will up.

A student asked him whether skill of programming is useful to manage company. Because the student thought the two skills have no relation each other. But Ryo answered that they are almost the same. How manage the difficulty and find alternative way are the same things both in programming and management.

In the end of the show, Ryo, or Mr Shimizu gave a word as his advice to students. The word was “CRAZY.”  One does not have to be confined to the convention. Keep own creativity and break the rule. That was his massage, and his motto.

To see whole clip, click here (in Japanese).