Zeptoliner 1.50 Available!

November 5, 2009


Hello there,
Zeptoliner was upgraded to ver. 1.50.
It’s not major system upgrade but some minor bugs were fixed!

Oh, also, in old versions, blue lines showed up when you selected a line. But in current version, black line will appear to indicate the line you selected.

Thanks so much for using Zeptoliner.

ピクチャ 1

WWDC is now being held in San Francisco. As one of developers of iPhone/iPod touch Apps, of course, we are attending the conference and heard the keynote. We are very excited.



On the first day, we stood in the line of attendees from early morning. Though we tried going there as early as possible, there had been already some other attendees when we arrived at Moscone Center!



You would be glad at the new features of iPhone, such as copy and past from app to app. For us, interesting new points are voice control and built-in digital compass. I often roughly estimate the direction by seeing the direction of the sun. But from iPhone 3G S, such primitive way you (I) do not have to use anymore. You (I) will be able to read maps smarter with the compass 😉


Regarding Apps, Push Notification Service would push the usability and possibility of Zeptotools up.  iPhone is changing people’s life style, and we hope Zeptotools will change people’s work style too, for more easire and comfortable way.

Before we developed ZeptoPad and Zeptoline, we had to sit in front of PC or on the chair to write documents or draw images with PC or by handwriting.But now, using ZeptoPad and ZeptoLiner, we can write draft of documents and share image sketches wherever and whenever.

Up to now, Apps’ new notification was shown only when we checked it. However, Push Notification Service will notify you of something new in the Apps automatically. In addition, iPhone’s alarm sounds are changeable in each App. So, we think that the system will provide something new work style as well as some tricks!


Considering such things, we are planning to develop something new app using the system. Of course, we are upgrading ZeptoPad and ZeptoLiner to be more tactful tools. I’m really looking forward to the future of iPhone, Apps and Zeptotools.

Hope the future will be more exciting and wonderful for you.

See you on next post or at WWDC!

IRChon1.2 Available

May 7, 2009

Hi there,

How are you? Do you enjoy chatting with your friends? IRChon was upgraded to 1.2 and now available.

The new and renewed features are:

  • Keyword notification: it will let you know the words with highlight, notification sound and violation)
  • Renewed View to select a channel (UEI server only)
  • Some bugs fixed (such a bug that shuts down the app suddenly)



Hope this upgrade will help make your chatt experience more useful and comfortable!

See you around.



April 2, 2009

Hi there! It’s warmer and warmer day by day, but has summer already come? I feel hot rather than warm because I’m excited that I will be able to inform you of our new application for iPhone/iPod touch! Before the application, today, I would like to introduce our new brand name for the applications.


IZUMOGASIN is a brand name of the game applications for iPhone/iPod touch created by AQ Interactive and Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. Under this name, new and innovative games which will be created utilizing mixture of Japanese conventional game-create experience and ZeptoTool’s technology, will be released. The 1st game is released in this April, this month! 7 games are going to be released within this year.

For inquiries or further information about our games, please e-mail to inquiry@izumogasin.com

We can provide free copies of the application for webmasters or the mass media. Please let us know if you are interested in. (We are sorry but the number of free copies is limited. Providing it will be stopped after a certain number of inquiries. Thank you for your understanding!)

I suppose that readers are not familiar with AQ Interactive, so I would like to introduce a brief profile of the company.

AQ Interactive was founded by Mr Hayao Nakayama who has also founded SEGA. It is a rising game publisher where a number of creators who have worked at SEGA or SQUARE work. Mr Hironobu Sakaguchi, who is famous for Final Fantasy series, is also a member of it.

Mr Tomoyuki Takechi, ex-chairman of SQUARE and one of founders of UEI, is the president and CEO of AQI, which is a public company capitalized at 310 million yen.

I will inform the application itself soon, so please be patient until then! Of course, please remember to ask the free copies to the inquiry@izumogasin.com if you are interested in.

Hope summer will come to you as well.

See you soon.

Dear all,

Hello, how you doing? Today, I brought a good news for you!Do you have a ZeptoLiner?

As you may know, it is an application of outline processor for iPhone. Have you tried experimental OPML import function of it? We have announced it at the end of last year. As 3 months passed, the function’s grade was up and Beta ver. of OPML import function for ZeptoLiner has just started.

ZeptoLiner OPML Converter Beta

If an OPML format file is uploaded on the web converter, the web will convert the format into another one for ZeptoLiner. Then, you can send the file to an iPhone.

Now we are checking the functionality under the OPMLs of major outline processors (or outliner softwares), like Omni Outliner.

You will be asked to set your password because the conversion is be done through the web. Click the URL in the e-mail you got, and Safari will start. Then, enter your password which you set at the web above,  and OPML will be imported.

At the present stage, user interface is not so excellent due to iPhone’s functional limitations. However, we will open this service to the public. Because we suppose many people want to use the function.

At the test, 200KB OPML file was successfully imported. Though, It is possible to import 5,000 lines, iPhone itself may not be able to process such volume. So, we recommend importing around 500 lines.

We hope this function is helpful and useful for you.

Best wishes, bye:D

Paid IRChon Pro

March 15, 2009



how things going?

all right, thanks

do you know paid ver of irchon, IRChon Pro is now available? there is no ad in it. plus a bit bug-fixed.

oh, cool! but that’s mean we can’t use free ver anymore?

yes, it’s still available. both free and paid irchon are available. use the one you prefer.

how much?


wow! should go to appstore and get it !


thanks. bye!



BullCam & Color Canvas

March 14, 2009

How things going?

Are you enjoying  BullCam life? Today’s weather was so nice, so I went for a walk along the beach near my house, and took pictures with BullCam. About 2 months has passed since its release, and I continue to take at least … ha ha (see previous entry), but still enjoy taking pictures with it.

BullCam is simple continuous shooting camera. The pictures by BullCam themselves are enjoyable. But, there should be a lot of ways to make it different, like Jet☆Daisuke’s animation.  Exploring  the sea of application to find new possibility, today, I got a treasure of application, ColorCanvas by Big Canvas Inc. (They are webmasters too!!).



black-white & colors

black-white & colors

black-white & colors

black-white & colors



Did you find the differences between them? ColorCanvas is a software to make the picture firstly in black and white, and add color again to the picture by brushing over it. With the application, you can arrange BullCam picture’s color frame by frame!

You can change the opacity of color. So, it’s easy to make gradation color photos like below.



The sea of applications expands day by day, it’s difficult to try them all, but we should explore more applications. Combination of applications will make us strong and make our iPhone life more interesting! and exciting!

See you at the next island;-)

Captain Hidemy

iShodo & Photo Brush

March 13, 2009

Hi all,

Are you enjoying iShodo? About 2 months has passed since its release. I continue to make at least a sheet of work per day. Though I agree that black monotone color is one of Japanese calligraphy’s elements and that is a cool point of iShodo, sometimes, sooometimes I feel an impulse to use color  in iShodo work.

So, with other applications, I decorated my iShodo works. This time, I used Photo Brush by Bobby & Sam’s Software. The followings are parts of my works! So cute, aren’t they?

logo with stars

"ZeptoTools" with stars

with dots and clovers

A girl with dots and clovers

Japanese style with musical notes

Japanese style with musical notes

Flowers with clovers

Flowers with pink clovers

Photo Brush is an application to “customize photos by using your finger as a paint brush and a large assortments of designs in a rainbow of colours as paint.” Lite version is also available!

If you’ve already enjoyed iShodo with other applications or in another amazing way, why don’t you show it to us on facebook?

Of course, we are developing new applications, at the same time, we are improving and finding a new way of use in the current apps!

Hope your continual love for ZeptoTools,


Hi there,

Do you know Ginza? Ginza is the fantastic place in Tokyo. There are lots of fashionable shops, sophisticated products, modern buildings. Between them, long-running stores also remain. Mixture of traditional and modern always attracts many people.

At a place in Ginza, one of Japanese AppleStores is there. On 8th March 2009, Japanese iPhoneApp developers gathered there and give presentations of their products.

We, UEI, joined the demonstrations and gave presentation on our ZeptoTools and Pochiyama@the Pharmacy. And, our innovative breakthrough, iPong.



Giving presentations on ZeptoPad, ZeptoLiner, and iShodo. “Alternative Paper.”


About BullCam.

Japanese iPhone developers gave presentations, an iPhone journalist, Mr Nobi, gave a speech, and GClue’s Mr Sasaki gave a lecture on how to develop Apps with iPhone SDK.

Lots of people attended to the demonstrations and all seats were occupied and some watched the demonstrations as they stood.  They showed their great interests in our Apps.

Thank you for coming to DEMO!


Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience of ZeptoPad 2.0.1, but thanks a lot for your patience. Now, ZeptoPad 2.0.2 is available on AppStore! The hung-up bug was completely fixed, you can use it safely.

Again, sorry for inconvenience, we hope your continual love for ZeptoTools and our tools are useful and helpful for you. Also feel free to ask us if you notice something about our products.

Thank you.