Cooking BullCam PV in 30min

January 16, 2009

The other day, we visited our friend at Mahalo in Los Angeles. His name is Tylor. Although we haven’t seen for a long time, he warmly welcomed us. We showed him our new photo application, BullCam. At first glance, he became a fan of it.


“Oh, cool! It’s a good seller, isn’t it?”

“Yes, in Japan but not at all in United States… Do you have any idea to sell it more in America?”

“It needs more promotion and more effective explanation of it. Video is the best. OK, I’ll make it now.”



Then, he called Leah.


“This is Ryu.”

“Oh, you’re a street fighter!”

“Sorry, I’m Ryo.”

“Oh, excuse me, anyway, he is from Japan.”


Tylor showed her our app and asked her to explain in the video. She is a professional model and gladly undertook the role. Soon they started to make the PV. Only I could do was watching at their work.



“Thanks so much, it’s really nice video.”

“Let’s edit it!”


“Of course. It’s good to do interesting things fast.”


Then, he started to edit it with Kay. They finished editing in a flash. I was so impressed not only at their speed of work but also at the polished video.


“Kay is an expert and has magic of editing.”

“So great…!”

“Then, upload this on YouTube.”

“Why don’t you eating out while uploading? I’ll treat you.”

“Thanks! What do you want to have?”

“How about sushi?”

“Yeah, let’s.”


This is the story how this video was made. I think the video was made in less than 30 minutes. 




Tylor, Leah and Kay, thanks for your cooperation from tons of my heart!