Today, talking about our history.

Because, Zeptotools is not famous team. and may be anybody don’t know about us.

So, this is self introducing entry.

We live in Tokyo Japan, our headoffice nearby Akihabara. Yes, the most famous OTAKU city Akihabara.

You know, we aren’t fluent in English. But We want to make you know about us.

If you have a time, please teach us about mistake or strange expression of this blog.



Anyway, this is our adventure story.

This story is beginning from a small demo code.

We are part of small company UEI. UEI originates in Ubiquitous Entertainment Incorporlated. But this is too longer name of company. So we called UEI.
As you know, Japan is the most successful mobile content country in the world.
Ryo Shimizu, the founder of UEI, he made a first successful original game content for mobile in Japan.
Naturally, UEI became mobile content developer in Japan.
And our lab is part of research section of UEI.
One day. Makoto Kondo,the researcher of UEI was researching about jail broken iPhone.
In past, he made some demos of multi touch screen.

100% Pure flash based multi touch user interface testbed

This is inspired by Jeff Han’s demo. 
This made from 1 video camera with IR filter and 1 projector.
All program code are written by ActionScript3.0.
And the other hand. Ryo Shimizu was researching about new generation web browser.
Why he made such a demo?
He thought that web experience should be more explorable.
So he called this demo  “True Internet Explorer”.
And also he tried to work with Wii remote.
Mainly interest of us is a more exciting experience by computers.
And then, we provided first public demo “SiteSneaker2007”. That programmed by Makoto Kondo.

100% Flash based 3-Dimensional Web Browser