iShodo & Photo Brush

March 13, 2009

Hi all,

Are you enjoying iShodo? About 2 months has passed since its release. I continue to make at least a sheet of work per day. Though I agree that black monotone color is one of Japanese calligraphy’s elements and that is a cool point of iShodo, sometimes, sooometimes I feel an impulse to use color  in iShodo work.

So, with other applications, I decorated my iShodo works. This time, I used Photo Brush by Bobby & Sam’s Software. The followings are parts of my works! So cute, aren’t they?

logo with stars

"ZeptoTools" with stars

with dots and clovers

A girl with dots and clovers

Japanese style with musical notes

Japanese style with musical notes

Flowers with clovers

Flowers with pink clovers

Photo Brush is an application to “customize photos by using your finger as a paint brush and a large assortments of designs in a rainbow of colours as paint.” Lite version is also available!

If you’ve already enjoyed iShodo with other applications or in another amazing way, why don’t you show it to us on facebook?

Of course, we are developing new applications, at the same time, we are improving and finding a new way of use in the current apps!

Hope your continual love for ZeptoTools,


Hi, how things going? ZeptoPad2.0.1 is still being hospitalized, but the operation of debug has done and power up ver. 2.0.2 will be discharged from the hospital soon!

By the way, do you have a facebook? It is fun to communicate with your friends not only in your country, but also all over the world. I often visit and spend tons of hours there…. On such a fun site, the fan page of ZeptoTools is now ready! You can check this blog, add and see the works of ZeptoTools, and share them with your new friends who like ZeptoTools:D

Let’s decorate the show cases of ZeptoTools with your photo! (now BullCam and iShodo are available) Put your comment on the wall. Also we will post new information or materials on the page. If you don’t have a facebook yet, just sign up and check it out;-)

See you on facebook☆