This is a 3D screen of silk strings. A normal projector is enough to make an image 3D on the screen because the screen itself is 3D!

As I told briefly about this strings screen in the last post (and that Ryo bought it !) I will talk about more detail of it.

These strings seem to be placed at random, but actually are arranged to be equally placed when seen from a certain direction.

Calculating the depth of each string and placing it to be projected the image, the image will be 3D. Only adjusting X coordinate, Y is also adjusted according to the place of X.

It’s a really simple structure, but the effect is so wonderful. That is why Ryo took it at the first sight.

This is the smaller one.

Do you notice the price tag and the plate written “SOLD?” Yes, that means “Ryo bought it.”

He bought it simply because he wanted it and would like to show his respect for such a clever idea. Usually Japanese CEO is NOT given bonus, so s/he cannot spend more money than usual contrary to other staff who are given ones twice a year, in Summer and in Winter. However, forgetting such thing, Ryo bought it as if he were given bonus this year. Oh, dear…

As long as we know, no research works were sold in SIGGRAPH, so selling their work like this was the rare case. In addition, we are certain that everyone would be pleased with this innovation and is worthy to buy. So, this was truly good shopping, wasn’t it!

From the left, Ryo, Mr Matt, the innovator, and Mr Albert, the creator.

Mr Albert lives in NY. This was the first time for him to came to Japan. He kindly told us how to set up the devices.

The set Ryo bougt for 10,000 yen (!) contains an iPod, the DLP projector, and the 3D screen. Recently SHARP’s AQUOS is sold for almost the same price and Ryo only has a TV of 10 years ago. But he thought to purchase the wonderful innovation is far better than a TV of beautiful screen.

Simply, honestly, and sincerely, Ryo was happy to know such a great and nice guys.

The next SIG will taken place in Seoul, we are looking for seeing nice guys there again! Also, hope it will be taken place in Japan again!!



December 20, 2009

Hello all,

All may know our ZeptoPad and ARider. They were exhibited in SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 during these 3 days, 17th – 19th.

We brought a set of real ARider devices so you could try it on actually there.

Thousands of people came to the event and many of them visited our digital stand!

And we could hear their “WOW” (especially when they see the helmet of ARider) directly. We thank many people for coming and giving opinions to us!

As I said before, we are now developing some systems for touch screen. So with Pioneer’s  single touch screen, CYBER BOARD, the demo of SiteSneaker2007 was also exhibited.

Site Sneaker 2007 is the web browsing system to search and select web pages like when you chose some books at a bookshop.

Today, two years after its originally development, the system was again refined by Makoto’s live coding.

So there PDW cycle realized again like when we were in Macworld 2009.

Presentations were all exciting!

Mr Takahashi of Robo Garage gave a demonstration of ROPID. The robot’s actions of running and jumping were so smooth and cute! Also, the robo nodded when Mr Takahashi told it to do an action.

Works in Art Gallery space were so crazy and beautiful.

The above is the string display which Ryo bought at the first sight!

Other booths were also interesting!

Here some pics of works for Emerging Technology.

Works at digital stands (including us?) were unique and funny.

This is the devices to robotize note PC. Thought, there are similar other devices made in Hong Kong, but the devices at the stand was only 10,000 yen! It costed much more several years ago, so Ryo take it and actually ordered it!

We would not see so many booths, things and presentations like Lucas Film which recruited people there.

We haven’t seen such a many innovations at the same time. Usually the SIG is took place in America, but this year Asia one is took place in Yokohama, JAPAN, and the quality was almost the same! It was really wonderful opportunity for us to go there much more easier.

We hope this SIG will be taken place in Japan again.

Many thanks again everyone for coming and seeing us!