IRChon 1.2.1

July 4, 2009

Hi all.

New version of I Read the rest of this entry »

IRChon1.2 Available

May 7, 2009

Hi there,

How are you? Do you enjoy chatting with your friends? IRChon was upgraded to 1.2 and now available.

The new and renewed features are:

  • Keyword notification: it will let you know the words with highlight, notification sound and violation)
  • Renewed View to select a channel (UEI server only)
  • Some bugs fixed (such a bug that shuts down the app suddenly)



Hope this upgrade will help make your chatt experience more useful and comfortable!

See you around.



Paid IRChon Pro

March 15, 2009



how things going?

all right, thanks

do you know paid ver of irchon, IRChon Pro is now available? there is no ad in it. plus a bit bug-fixed.

oh, cool! but that’s mean we can’t use free ver anymore?

yes, it’s still available. both free and paid irchon are available. use the one you prefer.

how much?


wow! should go to appstore and get it !


thanks. bye!



HI all!
Do you enjoy your iPhone life?
Yes I do.

And today, I have a good news for you.

Because I will introduce my bran new product for iPhone.

IRChon is a simple and enough functionality IRC chat client software.

It can connect to multi IRC servers at a same time.
And this app has built-in WEB browser, you can check out pages from chat URL or you post URL from bult-in browser without restart application.

And also support photo uploading by using (serverd by Dr. Toshiyuki Masui, he is ex-developer of iPhone).

And more, this is free app.
No limitation, but it has advertisement.

It is possibly, if advertisement model is not make a money, we will change our strategy about IRChon. This is one of test marketing.

We serving a own server for IRChon.
Please enjoy chatting.