IRChon is a totally free IRC chat client software for iPhone!

January 5, 2009

HI all!
Do you enjoy your iPhone life?
Yes I do.

And today, I have a good news for you.

Because I will introduce my bran new product for iPhone.

IRChon is a simple and enough functionality IRC chat client software.

It can connect to multi IRC servers at a same time.
And this app has built-in WEB browser, you can check out pages from chat URL or you post URL from bult-in browser without restart application.

And also support photo uploading by using (serverd by Dr. Toshiyuki Masui, he is ex-developer of iPhone).

And more, this is free app.
No limitation, but it has advertisement.

It is possibly, if advertisement model is not make a money, we will change our strategy about IRChon. This is one of test marketing.

We serving a own server for IRChon.
Please enjoy chatting.

21 Responses to “IRChon is a totally free IRC chat client software for iPhone!”

  1. PhenomTT Says:

    The IRC app works OK, but there’s a couple of issues.

    Many standard IRC commands do not work like “/Quit” to leave a channel, and I can find no way to remove or close a channel on a server once it has been added.

    Also it does not appear to work with NickServ. So any one who’s nicks are registered with a password, can not access their nicks, as this don’t seem to be able to send the /pass command over to nickserv from within the channel.

    Some sort of FAQ would also be beneficial.

  2. blogcommentpowersagogo Says:

    Was this removed from the appstore? I don’t see it anymore.

  3. hidemy Says:

    Oh,that’s true… But we didn’t do it. Maybe due to system problem or something. We’re checking now, please wait a little more. Thanks.

  4. I can’t connect to dalnet or
    only irchon, should I connect to a different port?

  5. Robert Says:

    I am having trouble private messaging someone with IRChon. Anyone have any idea how to do this while connected to a channel?

  6. Pedro Says:

    Can’t log on to irchon server. Needs password. What’s the password? Weird.

  7. jd Says:

    what is the password for the server ??

    • hidemy Says:

      Hi Pedro and jd,
      Thanks a lot for using our IRChon. If you use it with iPhone or iPod touch, the password has already set and you may be able to connect IRChon server. The connection is restlicted to iPhone and IRChon for security reason. So, I’m sorry but I cannot tell you the password, but if you happenly erased the password, please download it again.
      Sorry but thank you for your understanding.

  8. highmay Says:

    It would be really nice to have supports for /commands.. and if the support is already there, how can we use it?

  9. nick Says:

    Whats the password for irchon servers?

    • hidemy Says:

      Hi nick,

      Thanks for using IRChon.
      As I mentioned before, connection to IRChon server is restricted to iPhone or iPod touch only for security reason.
      So, sorry but I cannot tell the password to you.
      If you have lost the password with your iPhone or iPod touch and experienced no connection to the server, please download the app again.
      Thank you for your understanding.

  10. potomac Says:

    need /commands, and the ability to join private channels.

  11. grrrr Says:

    can you make this available also in other countrys in apple store cos in my country i cant find this app in store

  12. Shawn Says:

    while connecting to it sais MOTD file is missing. im using a iPHONE 3gs.

  13. moose Says:

    hi! great app!

    is it possible to join channels which have a password?

  14. @Shawn

    That is probably the IRC server/network problem, in this case Phreik[dot]net.

    The MOTD file from the IRC daemon was removed or it has not been edited yet.

    Type: “/motd” (without quote)

    If it says: ‘MOTD file is missing’.. That is not an IRC client-side problem.

  15. irc_crazy Says:

    It’d be great if this is available for other countries as well. This is not available in Sri Lanka’s App store!

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