IRChon1.2 Available

May 7, 2009

Hi there,

How are you? Do you enjoy chatting with your friends? IRChon was upgraded to 1.2 and now available.

The new and renewed features are:

  • Keyword notification: it will let you know the words with highlight, notification sound and violation)
  • Renewed View to select a channel (UEI server only)
  • Some bugs fixed (such a bug that shuts down the app suddenly)



Hope this upgrade will help make your chatt experience more useful and comfortable!

See you around.


15 Responses to “IRChon1.2 Available”

  1. ChrisS Says:

    Is there a support e-mail for this app, or forums anywhere where problems and/or feature requests can be made?

    • hidemy Says:

      Dear ChrisS,

      Thanks for using our app!
      Please contact when you have any request or you need supports.
      Of course, I will help you if you have any question as much as possible on this blog.


  2. nick Says:

    Some of the users have found the password for the servers. I don’t think this is fair for the people who don’t know the password. So I was wondering if you can tell me the password or change it and make sure no users can log on to the servers by using the password.

    • hidemy Says:

      Hi nick,

      Thanks first of all for using IRChon.

      Sorry but we cannot tell you the password.
      It may not fair that someone found the password.
      However, we originally created IRChon server only for iPhone or iPod touch users.
      So it must be fair for both users.
      But I will talk about the password issue with our management team.
      If you feel any other inconvenience, please let me know.

      Thank you for your understanding.


      • thetigur Says:

        This is less of a password problem and more of a ‘I can’t ignore other users’ problem. I think if at the very minimum you added an easy ignore option for users, you would make half the people who want the password not need it. It would also be helpful if you provided a bot that at the very least would kick spamming users. Between those 2 things alone, you would have an excellent server with few feeling that they needed the password.

  3. BOB Says:

    Are you guys planning to update the app?

    • hidemy Says:

      > thetigur & BOB

      Thanks for using IRChon and your comments. We are updating the app which would be more secure.
      Regarding spam users (or access from PCs), we are requesting them refrain from such behaviours if they spam excessively. Though we’ll try the best for users, please understand the servere is shared one so it may not wholly possible to watch all spams.

      Thanks for your understanding,
      Best wishes.

      • thetigur Says:

        As far as spam goes, I don’t think anyone is really expecting anything monitored beyond the default ‘recommended channels’. If you did that, kicking and/or banning users that spam, then life within irchon would be much better. Take care of that and the constant crashing of the app and you stand a chance of getting my money instead of just my accidental ad clicks

  4. User Says:

    did you guys shut down the server today?

    it wont seem to connect on my ipod.

    • hidemy Says:

      Hello User,

      The server must be working, we did not stop it.
      If you cannot connect to it yet, please let me know.


  5. Name Says:

    Regarding the spam: when users that were actually there to pay attention had Op, the spam was virtually eliminated. My suggestion is to make a few users that are constantly on at least half-Ops so they have the option to kick/ban spammers. Ops were created for a reason. If you have one that just sits idle holding the place, there’s no point. You need an Op that actually does the job that is intended. I hope you take this into consideration.

  6. BOB Says:

    About when is the next update going to come out?

    • hidemy Says:

      We have already submitted the upgrading and are now waiting for approval by Apple.
      So, upgrad will be released before so long, suppose in a week or 10 days.

      Thank you for your patience.


  7. hidemy Says:

    Dear IRChon users,

    Thank everybody for your comment and advice.
    We are tackling the issues and will do best to provide more confortable and sefer chat environment.

    Please be patient a bit more.

    Sorry for inconvenience, but thank you for your cooperation.

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