Hello everyone,

We made promotion video of Zeptopad Planner Note.

General manipulation, mind mapping, changing fonts, etc.. The video quickly shows how to use the app. (But the narration is in Japanese)

Now UEI staff all use Zeptopad to take minutes in every meeting. One of our staff made his report of WWDC 2010 with the app!

If you use this app, it will help you to take idea notes, make reports, or giving any presentation.

Please check it!

The next upgrade will come soon!

Now, I’m leaving for Cannes because Ryo will give a speech at Cannes Lions International Advertisement Festival!

I’ll add a post about it.

See you soon:)

Hi all, how are you?

We had a party to celebrate the start of reservation iPad in Japan for iPad lovers on 10th May.

Though the reservation just started that day, more than half people who came to the party have already got iPad!

Beta version of ZeptoPad for iPad is distributed to the testers at the party.  People who got ZeptoPad for iPad Betawere really interested in new features.

So, development of ZeptoPad for iPad is almost completed. Features are fixed and now we are recruiting more 10 Beta testers for refinement of the application. If you want to be a Beta tester, feel free to email us to customer@uei.co.jp!

Hello everyone,

Some bugs of ZeptoPad 3.0 is now fixed and it is available on the AppStore.

Also, developing ZeptoPad for iPad is in final stage. It will debut around the date of release of iPad in Japan, 28th May.

Reservation of the iPad started today. I’m really looking forward to getting it in Japan. We can’t wait anymore (though we’ve “imported”  it from America)!

I got an iPad!

April 4, 2010

Hello everyone!
I just bought an iPad at San Francisco today morning!

And we are making a bran new app for iPad as known as Zeptopad for iPad.

I want to polish our first iPad product, so please wait a moment.

Zeptopad for iPad will available in AppStore this month.

One of a new feature is multiple font face support.

You can make more sexy worksheet in only iPad!


Ryo shi3z

Hello dear dear everyone,

The 2009 left really really short. Do you remember we were in USA and exhibited at Macworld 2009 in the beginning of this year? In the plain to LA, our baby was born. Her name is iShodo.

During this year, her sister was also born. Loved by everyone, she grew up a little, rather, much as a big sister.

Now as a year old lady, her grown up features are:

  • Red ink
  • Creating your own T-shirt!!!

*The original T-shirt store is available only in Japan… unfortunately. The price is ¥2010.

Let’s write Kakizome together with iShodo also in 2010! Do you writing your new year’s decision or draw pictures? Write and show your creation and wear it!

Not only iShodo, but also Zeptoliner is also up-graded to 1.52. Some bugs were fixed!

Thank you very very much for your love and cheering. We hope your long long love for our zeptotools.

Our journey never ends, we and our children will grow up more in 2010 too! Thank you 2009 and welcome 2010.

Happy happy new year to you 😀

ZeptoPad 3.0.5 Released

September 25, 2009

Hi, how you doing?

I posted about ZeptoPad 3.0.5 the other day. It is now available on the AppStore!

Some bugs were fixed. It would be more useful.  

Lets upgrade ZeptoPad on the AppStore!

to ZeptoPad 3.0.5

ZeptoPad 3.0.5

September 14, 2009

Hi everyone, 

Summer has almost gone but still mosquitos steal into my house looking for my blood everyday and I should fight against them… and now I feel an itch on my right arm!!!

Like mosquitos, some bugs also steal into our ZeptoPad and make some errors happen. Therefore, ZeptoPad is being upgraded to 3.0.5 and will be available soon after some bugs are fixed!

Please let me know if you face any inconvenience or find something wrong with ZeptoPad. We will exterminate as soon as possible so that the app will be more attractive one!!

See you on the next post.