For the iPad

January 28, 2010

Did you check our last post?

You know, we’ve already had the iPads!!!

Ha-ha, they are  just fake ones. But we’ll have it soon. I’m really looking for to having it. What can I do with it?

We were all staring at the screen of our Macs at 3 o’clock in the morning (JST!),to catch the news in real time.

iPad was finally introduced this morning. That was the moment we’ve been waited for ages.

Watching the news about the  iPad, we realized the much possibility that it will be a key device to  renovate people’s life style.

The apps for the iPhone and iPod touch also work for the iPad. So, we decided to redesign our Zeptopad、Zeptoliner、and iShodo for the iPad.

The followings are the images of the apps in the iPad.

ZeptoPad for iPad

Zeptoliner for iPad

We’ll “redesign” our existing apps for the iPad. New features will be added to the renewed ones and would be some or quite different apps from the apps for iPhone /iPod touch.

Actually, the screen of  ZeptoPad for iPad was drawn with iPhone.

UEI was originally founded for the purpose of development of some “futuristic” tools to renovate people’s life style.

Detail of our History

We’ve felt that someday the hardware’s technological breakthrough will come and have researched on the device which supports multi-touch feature.

ZeptoPad and Zeptoliner are the ones created as we researched on such multi-touch mobile devices. They are the one necessary for the mobiles to be  the “futuristic tools.”

It was our challenge to create the practical stationeries for iPhone.  But the products were loved by many users and we could hear their voices. We believe that the version-ups made the tools more useful and productive.

Sometimes we were troubled by the size of the iPhone and the iPod touch. The small screen might confine the possibility of one’s drawing with ZeptoPad.

However, the iPad can resolve this problem. ZeptoPad was originally developed for the coming tablet devices like iPad.  So, we think, now is the new start point to develop more “futuristic” tools!

Our dream became bigger as the screen of iPad is bigger than iPhone! Ha-ha.

One Response to “For the iPad”

  1. Doug Says:

    When you release Zepoliner for iPad? This is the best outlined on iPhone but needs to be scalednto iPad.

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