Many Thanks 2009 and Happy New Year!

December 31, 2009

Hello dear dear everyone,

The 2009 left really really short. Do you remember we were in USA and exhibited at Macworld 2009 in the beginning of this year? In the plain to LA, our baby was born. Her name is iShodo.

During this year, her sister was also born. Loved by everyone, she grew up a little, rather, much as a big sister.

Now as a year old lady, her grown up features are:

  • Red ink
  • Creating your own T-shirt!!!

*The original T-shirt store is available only in Japan… unfortunately. The price is ¥2010.

Let’s write Kakizome together with iShodo also in 2010! Do you writing your new year’s decision or draw pictures? Write and show your creation and wear it!

Not only iShodo, but also Zeptoliner is also up-graded to 1.52. Some bugs were fixed!

Thank you very very much for your love and cheering. We hope your long long love for our zeptotools.

Our journey never ends, we and our children will grow up more in 2010 too! Thank you 2009 and welcome 2010.

Happy happy new year to you 😀

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