iShodo & Photo Brush

March 13, 2009

Hi all,

Are you enjoying iShodo? About 2 months has passed since its release. I continue to make at least a sheet of work per day. Though I agree that black monotone color is one of Japanese calligraphy’s elements and that is a cool point of iShodo, sometimes, sooometimes I feel an impulse to use color  in iShodo work.

So, with other applications, I decorated my iShodo works. This time, I used Photo Brush by Bobby & Sam’s Software. The followings are parts of my works! So cute, aren’t they?

logo with stars

"ZeptoTools" with stars

with dots and clovers

A girl with dots and clovers

Japanese style with musical notes

Japanese style with musical notes

Flowers with clovers

Flowers with pink clovers

Photo Brush is an application to “customize photos by using your finger as a paint brush and a large assortments of designs in a rainbow of colours as paint.” Lite version is also available!

If you’ve already enjoyed iShodo with other applications or in another amazing way, why don’t you show it to us on facebook?

Of course, we are developing new applications, at the same time, we are improving and finding a new way of use in the current apps!

Hope your continual love for ZeptoTools,


Hi there,

Do you know Ginza? Ginza is the fantastic place in Tokyo. There are lots of fashionable shops, sophisticated products, modern buildings. Between them, long-running stores also remain. Mixture of traditional and modern always attracts many people.

At a place in Ginza, one of Japanese AppleStores is there. On 8th March 2009, Japanese iPhoneApp developers gathered there and give presentations of their products.

We, UEI, joined the demonstrations and gave presentation on our ZeptoTools and Pochiyama@the Pharmacy. And, our innovative breakthrough, iPong.



Giving presentations on ZeptoPad, ZeptoLiner, and iShodo. “Alternative Paper.”


About BullCam.

Japanese iPhone developers gave presentations, an iPhone journalist, Mr Nobi, gave a speech, and GClue’s Mr Sasaki gave a lecture on how to develop Apps with iPhone SDK.

Lots of people attended to the demonstrations and all seats were occupied and some watched the demonstrations as they stood.  They showed their great interests in our Apps.

Thank you for coming to DEMO!


Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience of ZeptoPad 2.0.1, but thanks a lot for your patience. Now, ZeptoPad 2.0.2 is available on AppStore! The hung-up bug was completely fixed, you can use it safely.

Again, sorry for inconvenience, we hope your continual love for ZeptoTools and our tools are useful and helpful for you. Also feel free to ask us if you notice something about our products.

Thank you.

Hi, how things going? ZeptoPad2.0.1 is still being hospitalized, but the operation of debug has done and power up ver. 2.0.2 will be discharged from the hospital soon!

By the way, do you have a facebook? It is fun to communicate with your friends not only in your country, but also all over the world. I often visit and spend tons of hours there…. On such a fun site, the fan page of ZeptoTools is now ready! You can check this blog, add and see the works of ZeptoTools, and share them with your new friends who like ZeptoTools:D

Let’s decorate the show cases of ZeptoTools with your photo! (now BullCam and iShodo are available) Put your comment on the wall. Also we will post new information or materials on the page. If you don’t have a facebook yet, just sign up and check it out;-)

See you on facebook☆

Dear all

We are now uploading fixed version of ZeptoPad 2.0. The new version will be available in 10 days (depend on approve by Apple).

The other day, we have got a crucial hung-up bug report of ZeptoPad. I really apologize for the inconvenience caused by a function of ZeptoPad.

We have got a report that both Mac and iPod touch or iPhone were hung-up when restoring the large (more than 3MB) size file to ZeptoPad by PC connecting function. In addition, it was caused partly because selecting not-original file was possible as well as original one, and a large size date can be selected. If this handling was done, the same result would come. This was caused by fusion of functional limitation of FlashPlayer 9 and the bug of iPhone SDK itself. Also you might lose your date if the date was not backed-up in iTunes.  

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

We have already improved this function and are now testing it. Uploading and releasing of it on AppStore will be completed in next week. However, please refrain from restoring a large size file until we will inform you of release of the improvement.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
When your iPone or iPod touch are hung-up, please try device reset on the web site of Apple.

The Applications concened are ZeptoPad 2.0 and 2.0.1.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and any trouble this may have caused you.


Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.

The second night of Sei-sei Rei-rei was also finished peacefully and fantastically.

Today, I post here a special clip of the event! This is a small and small part of the event, but I promise you can know how nice the event was, how cool the Mr Kondo’s trumpet tune was, and how Reiko and Sho scribbled, no no, projected the hieroglyph on the walls and summoned spirits of thunder with the dark knight ZP. Enjoy it:-D

Special thanks to Mr Kondo and Ms Tosa.

As this clip shows, the usage of ZeptoPad is unlimited. “Whiteboard in your pocket.” (If you forgot how to project your ZP worksheet, just check here.) Show your imagination and creativity off with your ZP! The small white knight will help you whenever you need (if the battery is not run out)!

The first day of the event, Sei-sei Rei-rei (清々冷々), was finished perfectly and fantastically.


During the flight from Amsterdam to Tokyo, for scribbling on the wall of world heritage shrine, a evil soldier, dark knight ZeptoPad which has black worksheet, was born. UEI team gathered to Kamigamo shrine in Kyoto to complete the mission.  With the new-born dark knight ZeptoPad in iPod Touch 3G and Macbook, Sho and Reiko scribbled… nay, put the seal of ancient hieroglyph on the walls of the shrine and trees at the event.


As I said above, Kamigamo shrine is one of the world cultural heritage and one of the important cultural properties in Japan. There remains solemn and ancient atmosphere, and many traditional and important ceremonies were held there.  At the place, melodious tunes of trumpet by Mr Kondo, technological graphics directed by Ms Tosa, and a ritual prayer offered to a Shinto god, all of them were harmonized fantastically and illusionally. The evildoing of dark knight Zeptopad was transformed into a nice illumination by the harmonized magic. Many people come to the event. The templeture was below zero degree Celsius, however, in the charm of the event, people forgot such coldness.

kamigamo0 kamigamo6kamigamo7

We really appreciate joining this conventional but unconventional event. We are so excited at the event and looking forward to the second day! The new-born dark knight ZeptoPad will try to do mischief tomorrow as well, but will be transformed into a cool knight in the divine ceremony at cool night.

Mr Toshinori Kondo is the grobal trumpet player.The clip below is his trumpet play in Araska. 

Ms Naoko Tosais a professor of Kyoto University whowas a fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS).