Hi, how things going? ZeptoPad2.0.1 is still being hospitalized, but the operation of debug has done and power up ver. 2.0.2 will be discharged from the hospital soon!

By the way, do you have a facebook? It is fun to communicate with your friends not only in your country, but also all over the world. I often visit and spend tons of hours there…. On such a fun site, the fan page of ZeptoTools is now ready! You can check this blog, add and see the works of ZeptoTools, and share them with your new friends who like ZeptoTools:D

Let’s decorate the show cases of ZeptoTools with your photo! (now BullCam and iShodo are available) Put your comment on the wall. Also we will post new information or materials on the page. If you don’t have a facebook yet, just sign up and check it out;-)

See you on facebook☆

Dear all

We are now uploading fixed version of ZeptoPad 2.0. The new version will be available in 10 days (depend on approve by Apple).

The other day, we have got a crucial hung-up bug report of ZeptoPad. I really apologize for the inconvenience caused by a function of ZeptoPad.

We have got a report that both Mac and iPod touch or iPhone were hung-up when restoring the large (more than 3MB) size file to ZeptoPad by PC connecting function. In addition, it was caused partly because selecting not-original file was possible as well as original one, and a large size date can be selected. If this handling was done, the same result would come. This was caused by fusion of functional limitation of FlashPlayer 9 and the bug of iPhone SDK itself. Also you might lose your date if the date was not backed-up in iTunes.  

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

We have already improved this function and are now testing it. Uploading and releasing of it on AppStore will be completed in next week. However, please refrain from restoring a large size file until we will inform you of release of the improvement.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
When your iPone or iPod touch are hung-up, please try device reset on the web site of Apple.

The Applications concened are ZeptoPad 2.0 and 2.0.1.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and any trouble this may have caused you.


Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.

The second night of Sei-sei Rei-rei was also finished peacefully and fantastically.

Today, I post here a special clip of the event! This is a small and small part of the event, but I promise you can know how nice the event was, how cool the Mr Kondo’s trumpet tune was, and how Reiko and Sho scribbled, no no, projected the hieroglyph on the walls and summoned spirits of thunder with the dark knight ZP. Enjoy it:-D

Special thanks to Mr Kondo and Ms Tosa.

As this clip shows, the usage of ZeptoPad is unlimited. “Whiteboard in your pocket.” (If you forgot how to project your ZP worksheet, just check here.) Show your imagination and creativity off with your ZP! The small white knight will help you whenever you need (if the battery is not run out)!

The first day of the event, Sei-sei Rei-rei (清々冷々), was finished perfectly and fantastically.


During the flight from Amsterdam to Tokyo, for scribbling on the wall of world heritage shrine, a evil soldier, dark knight ZeptoPad which has black worksheet, was born. UEI team gathered to Kamigamo shrine in Kyoto to complete the mission.  With the new-born dark knight ZeptoPad in iPod Touch 3G and Macbook, Sho and Reiko scribbled… nay, put the seal of ancient hieroglyph on the walls of the shrine and trees at the event.


As I said above, Kamigamo shrine is one of the world cultural heritage and one of the important cultural properties in Japan. There remains solemn and ancient atmosphere, and many traditional and important ceremonies were held there.  At the place, melodious tunes of trumpet by Mr Kondo, technological graphics directed by Ms Tosa, and a ritual prayer offered to a Shinto god, all of them were harmonized fantastically and illusionally. The evildoing of dark knight Zeptopad was transformed into a nice illumination by the harmonized magic. Many people come to the event. The templeture was below zero degree Celsius, however, in the charm of the event, people forgot such coldness.

kamigamo0 kamigamo6kamigamo7

We really appreciate joining this conventional but unconventional event. We are so excited at the event and looking forward to the second day! The new-born dark knight ZeptoPad will try to do mischief tomorrow as well, but will be transformed into a cool knight in the divine ceremony at cool night.

Mr Toshinori Kondo is the grobal trumpet player.The clip below is his trumpet play in Araska. 

Ms Naoko Tosais a professor of Kyoto University whowas a fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS).

Traditionally Japanese saw the gods in the nature. Nature is the source of life. That always should be remembered. In the technology society, the distance between people and nature is far both physically and spiritually. We seem to have forgotten the importance of the nature. However, it can be said that technology itself is a new way to tell the notion to the next generation. With new technology, so, ZeptoPad.


On 21st and 22nd February 2009, an event is to be held by Ms Naoko TOSA and Mr Toshinori KONDO, at Kamigamo shrine, in Kyoto. The event is “Sei-sei Rei-rei.” To Mr Kondo’s trumpet music, Ms Tosa creates more mystic atmosphere by displaying hieroglyphics, pictures, and thunders on the wall of the shrine, within the traditional Shinto ritual ceremony. To display the things, she will use five projectors and a drawing software, ZeptoPad.


In the event, traditional Shinto ritual, melodious music, and computer technology will be amazingly harmonized. And the harmony will create more novel, awful, but somewhat dear atmosphere and will touch your senses of sight, hearing, and the sixth sense…? We are very happy that our ZeptoPad is to be used for this wonderful event.

Ms Naoko Tosa is Japanese media artist and professor of Kyoto University. Mixture of traditional Japanese style and high-technology computer is the characteristic of her art.

Mr Toshinori Kondo is a famous Japanese Jazz trumpet player who is qualified in Europe, North America, and of course Japan.

For more detail of Ms Tosa, click here.

BullCam + J☆D = Video

January 27, 2009

Hi, how are you?

Do you know Mr Jet☆Daisuke? He is one of the popular bloggers in Japan, and one of the BullCam users! The other day, he made a Photoshop action, BullCam2Animation, and talked about it on his blog (in Japanese). It is an amazing action. It enable you to make GIF animation from the pictures took with BullCam! So today I’d like to introduce his action and tell you how to make an animation like this.

How to make animation (tips suggested by J☆D):
1) Take pictures in the following settings: frames of pictures: 4:3 frame, numbers of pictures: 16 (max), intervals of shots: max.
As the picture below:

2) On the Photoshop, open the file of the picture and launch the action, BullCam2Animation, and the image sequence will be made soon. Just save the sequence in GIF format.

That’s all! The sequence can be opened in QuickTime. So, uploading it on YouTube is easy. The video above is also made and uploaded by Mr J☆D.

Are you interested in it? Try it and enjoy BullCam more!

Download BullCam2Animation

Thank you very much Mr Jet☆Daisuke. You made a super action! 

See you☆

Try Zeptoliner

January 21, 2009

Hello, how things going for you?

I suppose you know Zeptoliner, an outliner application, but not all of you have tried it.  Today, I tell good news for the people who wanted to try it. The trial version of Zeptoliner is now available! So, let’s check the usability by it:-)

The functions of trial version are almost the same as of full version. It enables you to save up to 5 notes and to add 20 lines in each note. 

Of course it’s free!

Just check it out on AppStore!


Hi, how things going?

ZeptoPad 2.0.1 is released and a new feature is added.

In this version, choice of  Drawing/Selecting mode is available. The modes are switched by tapping the bottons at the top right.
Drawing mode: to draw lines or pictures with one finger as currently you do. 


Selecting mode: to select the figure you want to move or edit with one finger.

Until former version, some users might happenly draw a line when they tried to re-size or scroll a figure with  two fingers. From this version, such mistakes will not be happen any more.

We hope this new system will be useful for you.
If you have any question or request, feel free to ask us!

See you soon.

After Macworld 2009

January 17, 2009

How are you doing?  Time passes so fast and we’ve returned to Tokyo already. 

It was our first experience as an exhibitor to join Macworld 2009. So exciting and so interesting for us.

Many people visited our booth (#4311 in North Hall), and showed their interests in our products. ZeptoPad which gives “white board in your pocket”, ZeptoLiner, a real outliner application,  and iShodo, Japanese Calligraphy application.   The whole concept of these apps is to make “alternative paper”.

Also, at our booth, Japanese developers of iPhone Apps gave presentations of their products: Samurai Chess, iKoto & iGeisha, Mascot Capsule, Realtime 3D animation library, FingerPiano, PokeDía, Teru-teru Weather changer, Mahjong Solitaire.  Furthermore, Mr Nobi explained the situation of iPhone in Japan.

Visiting other booths was also exciting. Some exhibitor distributed rabbit ears (and I got it!), some made De Lorean and some perform sewing iPhone case. They were so funny and attractive, and gave some hints us how to appeal to visitors.

The best thing to join Macworld was that many people gave “wow” to us.

To tell the truth, iShodo and BullCam were made outside of Japan. iShodo was programmed on the way to Los Angeles from Tokyo. BullCam was polished on the way to San Francisco, in the desert of America.  We drove Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite, and San Francisco. During the long drive, Ryo planed, Makoto wrote the codes, and Reiko and I told our impression of the products. We call the cycle as PCW(Plan, Code and Wow) cycle. An idea is provided by Plan, and Code realizes it, and Wow stimulates and encourages the Plan to make the thing better. In our car, the cycle worked well and the applications were born.
PCW in desert

At our booth, not only I, but also many viditors gave us “Wow.” We could hear such impression of people directly. That really encourages us to make things better and to keep developing something good continually.  We are really really grateful to everyone for visiting and giving us such “Wow.”
Mr K

Thanks a lot again,

many hags from the East country. 



P.S. I’m not good at coding, but if I could support Plan and Code, I’m glad.

Cooking BullCam PV in 30min

January 16, 2009

The other day, we visited our friend at Mahalo in Los Angeles. His name is Tylor. Although we haven’t seen for a long time, he warmly welcomed us. We showed him our new photo application, BullCam. At first glance, he became a fan of it.


“Oh, cool! It’s a good seller, isn’t it?”

“Yes, in Japan but not at all in United States… Do you have any idea to sell it more in America?”

“It needs more promotion and more effective explanation of it. Video is the best. OK, I’ll make it now.”



Then, he called Leah.


“This is Ryu.”

“Oh, you’re a street fighter!”

“Sorry, I’m Ryo.”

“Oh, excuse me, anyway, he is from Japan.”


Tylor showed her our app and asked her to explain in the video. She is a professional model and gladly undertook the role. Soon they started to make the PV. Only I could do was watching at their work.



“Thanks so much, it’s really nice video.”

“Let’s edit it!”


“Of course. It’s good to do interesting things fast.”


Then, he started to edit it with Kay. They finished editing in a flash. I was so impressed not only at their speed of work but also at the polished video.


“Kay is an expert and has magic of editing.”

“So great…!”

“Then, upload this on YouTube.”

“Why don’t you eating out while uploading? I’ll treat you.”

“Thanks! What do you want to have?”

“How about sushi?”

“Yeah, let’s.”


This is the story how this video was made. I think the video was made in less than 30 minutes. 




Tylor, Leah and Kay, thanks for your cooperation from tons of my heart!