ZeptoPad 3.0.5 Released

September 25, 2009

Hi, how you doing?

I posted about ZeptoPad 3.0.5 the other day. It is now available on the AppStore!

Some bugs were fixed. It would be more useful.  

Lets upgrade ZeptoPad on the AppStore!

to ZeptoPad 3.0.5

ZeptoPad 3.0.5

September 14, 2009

Hi everyone, 

Summer has almost gone but still mosquitos steal into my house looking for my blood everyday and I should fight against them… and now I feel an itch on my right arm!!!

Like mosquitos, some bugs also steal into our ZeptoPad and make some errors happen. Therefore, ZeptoPad is being upgraded to 3.0.5 and will be available soon after some bugs are fixed!

Please let me know if you face any inconvenience or find something wrong with ZeptoPad. We will exterminate as soon as possible so that the app will be more attractive one!!

See you on the next post.

I recommend you refer to this article by Mr Serkan Toto on TechCrunch!

There are hundreds of, tons of, millions of apps on the AppStore. Some of them are made in the east island, Japan. But it is difficult to know whether an app is good or not. Some big companies you may know and you may trust their products. But how about other ones by a not big or famous company? 

The article above focuses on apps by more local companies and available in English, not only in Japanese. It introduces 32 Japanese good, or better, or the best apps, such as Gang Street Wars by DigiDock, Broadway Cafe by Artscape and Istpika, and Glandarius Wing Strike by IZUMOGASIN for Game category.

In Productivity section, both our ZeptoLiner and ZeptoPadare introduced along with gottaDo2 by Istpika and PokeDia by s21g.

In addition to Tools, Photography and Art, Music, there is a category “Everything else. ” In it, our Quick Pigeon appears.

I really think the article is a great guide list for you when you are in troubled what app is good because there are 4 of our apps!! ha-ha. But anyway, we really appreciate Mr Toto’s article introducing our apps and hope it is really helpful for you. We’ll do the best to create good apps continually to attract reviewers’, readers’ and app users’ attentions!

See you next time 🙂

iApplicate on ZeptoPad

August 25, 2009

Hi how’s going?

Do you know iApplicate.tv? It is an app review site with their original video clips.
Recently they reviewed our ZeptoPad.
And fortunately, we’ve got “A Perfect Four,” means perfect rates!! Wow! So just check it out from here.


We really appreciate such a good review and it cheers us so much.

Thanks every user for using our app. If you don’t have ZeptoPad yet, why don’t you have the “perfect four”? Ha-ha. We are glad to hear your both positive and negative impression. So feel free to write your comments about ZeptoPad on this blog.

Thank you and bye 🙂

ZeptoPad 3.0.3

August 2, 2009

Hi, how you ding?

As for ZeptoPad 3.0, we have fixed some features again. So now version 3.0.3 is available. Please upgrade your ZeptoPad on the AppStore.

ZP3.0.3 001

For 3.0.3, systems such as rendering for Arrow and Connecter, snap function and photograph reading were fixed.

ZP3.0.3 002

ZP3.0.3 003

Hope this imrovement makes your ZeptoPad using more confortable.
Thanks so much for useing our App!!

Bye 🙂

ZeptoPad 3.0.2

July 17, 2009

Hi all, how things going for you?

Following the renewal of ZeptoPad,  ver. 3.0.2  was also released. Of course, upgrading is for free!


For this version, some features were improved or added as follows.

  • The resolution of line and text was improved. It became twice as former version.
  • See-through is added to inside colour of boxes and circles.
  • The inconvenience of typing new line was fixed.

Sorry for inconvenience of ZeptoPad, but hope these improvements will be helpful for your ZeptoPad using!

Thank you for your love for ZeptoPad 🙂

Here is the link to download ZeptoPad 3.0.2


ZeptoPad 3.0.1

July 5, 2009

Hello, how are you?

Following to the renewal of IRChon, ZeptoPad was also but slightly renewed.

For ver.3.0.1, we improved, or corrected some misspellings. Sorry for such inconvenience of 3.0, but the 3.0’s features would be helpful for you anyway!!

We are improving and trying to make a cool and useful application, also in correct spelling…! If you have any request, please let us know. We are happy to hear your voices.

Thank you for your all advice!