Try Zeptoliner

January 21, 2009

Hello, how things going for you?

I suppose you know Zeptoliner, an outliner application, but not all of you have tried it.  Today, I tell good news for the people who wanted to try it. The trial version of Zeptoliner is now available! So, let’s check the usability by it:-)

The functions of trial version are almost the same as of full version. It enables you to save up to 5 notes and to add 20 lines in each note. 

Of course it’s free!

Just check it out on AppStore!


Hi all! I’m Ryo.

I try to make an OPML import function for Zeptoliner.
Because Simon was suggested to us
via comment of this blog.

I thought most easy way to transfer OPML to Zeptoliner on iPhone is thru e-mail.

Taku Mizuno was made a mail server prototype rapidly, and I made a few code for that.

This importer is very simple. You don’t have to any upgrade your Zeptoliner.

This is a mail server. and you send a mail to attatch with OPML file.
You can try it right now.

Then, you’ll receive a email from, it has a link for launch Zeptoliner.

It seems working. I tried a OPML from OmniOutliner. And works good.

But I faced on big problem.
Limitation of URL length.

Older version of iPhone OS has no limitation of URL length.
But iPhone OS 2.2 seems to be clip around 10K bytes.

So you can import very small OPML file.

Unfortunately, It is a junk.

We try to find an other way to import OPML to Zeptoliner.

Thank you Simon.