iShodo @Koenji

July 13, 2009

Hello, how are you doing in these melting days?
I wrote about iShodo’s younger sister on my last post. Today, I’m writing about the elder sister, iShodo.
It was afternoon of a melting day when I was surfing on the sea of YouTube to enjoy the cool air of a cafe, and I found a clip posted by an iShodo user. With iShodo, the user writes the names which were found on the streets of Koenji.

Mabashi, Ome, Itsukaichi, and Kannana… Can you find which street he walked at that time??? It’s too difficult even for me…
But anyway, Koenji is one of places in Tokyo I like. There are many good daily shops and second-hand shops you can buy many things in cheaper price. Also many cool cafes and bars are there.
Next time when you visit Koenji or any other city, how about writing the names of things you fiund there with iShodo?

Thank you so much salondekoenji for creating so nice clip!
Really thanks every iShodo user for using the app:):)