Miscellanerous in Hong Kong

November 29, 2009

AM 0:18

Keith sent us a report of miscellaneous things fond in Hong Kong and Shenzen waiting for their night flight to Tokyo. Let’s look what he found there. 

Japanese long-seller food, Demae-Iccho 出前一丁, has its name value also in Hong Kong. Many restaurant have ones on their menu. It is popular Chinese noodle.  Nothing special, but we love it. 

Following Mr Endo’s instruction, cowboys went to the 5th floor of Sino Centre. What they fond there was…

An optician’s shop…??

They found the answer by passing the secret isle. There was a toy store collecting goods of Japanese anime in 50s to 80s! 

So many items inside the store which the owner got by Yahoo auction and from Mandarake. These are Valkyrie of Macross and Buritanica spaceship of Lensman which gripped Keith.  

In Sendatsu market, most shops are mobile shops.  

This is a mobile repair shop.

Sometimes, when they are lucky, they can find funny items. \

This is hand-maid iPhone cases. GAMEBOY version are also there.  

iPhone has been popular in Hong Kong for 3 years. That is surprising thing in fast trend changing place.

So, iPhone case shops are everywhere.

The design is really creative, decorative, and sensitive. We cannot find such cases in Japan! 

Though MTK based mobiles are popular in China, iPhone, Android and WindowsMobile are more popular in Hong Kong. But iPhone is the most. 

Oh, here is Demae again. It is truly popular food.  

Crossing the sea, cowboys landed on Wang Chai.

The place is down town of Hong Kong. The grade of hotels and shops are high. 

For computer loving cowboys, Wang Chai cyberspace castle is their destination.

They fond a  case for MacBook, rather, for future MacBook??? 

There should be a rumour that 10’2″ MacBook will debut before so long…?

And lastly, here is GoogKe mobile! Difficult pronunciation!

This is the end of Keith’s report.

Hong Kong seems to be really interesting place.

Shall we go there to find the goods like above?