Hi, how you donig?

First of all, we are wanting testers for upgrading of ZeptoPad. ZeptoPad is upgrading to Ver. 2.99! So, for the upgrading, we are recruiting βtesters of ZeptoPad 2.99. For ver. 2.99, we plan to add more features suitable for longer presentations. If you want to be a  tester, please contact us to customer@uei.co.jp. Please write “Application forZeptoPad2.99 βtester” in title when you send email to us.


Ryo went to Beijing, China (famous place for Olympic 2008 and the Great Wall!) the other day to give a presentation at Global Mobile Internet Conference. This time, Ryo prepared his whole presentation with ZeptoPad2.0. He practiced his speech with iPhone, seeing the English and Mandarin script and playing example Mandarin pronunciation recorded by Rumi (she is an advanced Chinese speaker!), and gave his presentation in the hybrid of Mandarin and English.


Lots of  audiences were interested in the way of his presentation because he gave it only with ZeptoPad. However, he noticed that ZeptoPad had not enough functions to give longer presentation. That is why we are upgrading ZeptoPad to 2.99 which is more suitable for giving longer presentation.

If you want to be a βteser, feel free to email us to customer@uei.co.jp!

and don’t miss ZeptoPad2.99!

See you soon, bye;-)