“All work and no play makes a computer cowboys a dull boy.”

Like the last 2 Cowboy Championships, after the 3rd Cowboy Championship, “alty party THE FINAL” took place!

Alty party is famous for not only its contents, but also its luxuriousness and quality of food, lottery, and maybe, probably or certainly, its souvenir. All computer cowboys who attended the WCCC can join it for free!

The prizes of lottery were OLYMPUS PEN, MacBook Pro, and Pioneer KURO!! I wanted…but mine was blank… X(

Alty gave talk session with Shinichi Nakamoto


Also, Cyberspace Cowboys gave mini-live concert!

The guests received sovenirs at the end of the party. Last year, I remember, it was … amazing, incredible, or appetite lose disgusting looking blue curry…!! (But the taste was good. I guarantee.) So, I expected this year, the souvenir would be other color curry, but I was wrong. The souvenir was …


Blue Beer!!! X(X(X(X( oh… I haven’t opened the cap actually. In addition, an original comic featuring Shi3z was distributed as its souvenir!! I cannot help being surprised by such unexpected items!

Luxury items we also found in the hall of WCCC.

180 Rodeo trophies

These are not jellies. They are the trophies for 180 Rodeos. In the crystal, an image of the microprocessor, Z80, is inscribed!


It is a laxury lacqured HG JAPAN model keyboard. Costs over 500,000 yen!!

Incredible, strange, and surprising. The party and items provide us with entertainment. It is so sad that alty party was the final. But we’ll do best to provide more entertainment instead of alty!!

Enjoy your blue beer 😀