I recommend you refer to this article by Mr Serkan Toto on TechCrunch!

There are hundreds of, tons of, millions of apps on the AppStore. Some of them are made in the east island, Japan. But it is difficult to know whether an app is good or not. Some big companies you may know and you may trust their products. But how about other ones by a not big or famous company? 

The article above focuses on apps by more local companies and available in English, not only in Japanese. It introduces 32 Japanese good, or better, or the best apps, such as Gang Street Wars by DigiDock, Broadway Cafe by Artscape and Istpika, and Glandarius Wing Strike by IZUMOGASIN for Game category.

In Productivity section, both our ZeptoLiner and ZeptoPadare introduced along with gottaDo2 by Istpika and PokeDia by s21g.

In addition to Tools, Photography and Art, Music, there is a category “Everything else. ” In it, our Quick Pigeon appears.

I really think the article is a great guide list for you when you are in troubled what app is good because there are 4 of our apps!! ha-ha. But anyway, we really appreciate Mr Toto’s article introducing our apps and hope it is really helpful for you. We’ll do the best to create good apps continually to attract reviewers’, readers’ and app users’ attentions!

See you next time 🙂


Will iPhone Blend?

August 23, 2009

Hi everyone,

Do you remember that, last summer, we were really looking for the release of a mobile device at the street of Omotesando. We have being in the long queue and waited for the day of release for 4 days in front of the shop. Then, you know, “Mr Kondo” became the first user in Japan. Yes, it was iPhone.

11th of July, it was the first release of iPhone in Japan, so we were really excited by having our own iPhones.  At the same day, of course in United States, it was released. However, in the queue of there, there was a person who got iPhone not only as his mobile but also as an object of his experiment. Hamlet says, ” To be or not to be, that is the question.” But a man in the clip say “Will it blend? that is the question.”

Oh, no! We might be faint at the sight of it if we’ve seen it on the day we got iPhone. But… it is funny…!!! The mixer blend everything, from McDonald’s meal to diamonds! Also, as you’ve seen, iPhone! How strong the edge is! I want it to make my morning mix juice. Ha-ha.

But, finally, can I say, “will iPhone apps blend?”

That is the question!

Bye-bye 😉

iShodo @Koenji

July 13, 2009

Hello, how are you doing in these melting days?
I wrote about iShodo’s younger sister on my last post. Today, I’m writing about the elder sister, iShodo.
It was afternoon of a melting day when I was surfing on the sea of YouTube to enjoy the cool air of a cafe, and I found a clip posted by an iShodo user. With iShodo, the user writes the names which were found on the streets of Koenji.

Mabashi, Ome, Itsukaichi, and Kannana… Can you find which street he walked at that time??? It’s too difficult even for me…
But anyway, Koenji is one of places in Tokyo I like. There are many good daily shops and second-hand shops you can buy many things in cheaper price. Also many cool cafes and bars are there.
Next time when you visit Koenji or any other city, how about writing the names of things you fiund there with iShodo?

Thank you so much salondekoenji for creating so nice clip!
Really thanks every iShodo user for using the app:):)

Hi everyone,

Regarding our goal to create alternative stationary for future, that does not mean to eliminate traditional ones. What we try to do is to renovate them for future style, so iPhone app is the new way for the renovation…

iShodo was born in December and have been loved by many users since its released. We are really happy our app is loved by many users. Regarding the app, her sister was born!!!

She is s fountain pen application. As for fountain pens, many people would use the fountain pens by MONTBLANC. The company is one of the most famous stationary makers in the world, and the new application was created in collaboration with the company! The same technology as iShodo is applied to her to realize the reality of the way to write with a fountain pen.

The baby’s face is now open to the pubic at Mitsukoshi in Nihonbashi, Japan. I put some pictures of her on this post. She will stand with her feet and start to walk before so long. First in Japan, and soon after that, she will be able to visit your iPhone around the world!








Hope you will love the application and we can create something interesting for you. Please wait for her until she is released on the AppStore!

ピクチャ 1

WWDC is now being held in San Francisco. As one of developers of iPhone/iPod touch Apps, of course, we are attending the conference and heard the keynote. We are very excited.



On the first day, we stood in the line of attendees from early morning. Though we tried going there as early as possible, there had been already some other attendees when we arrived at Moscone Center!



You would be glad at the new features of iPhone, such as copy and past from app to app. For us, interesting new points are voice control and built-in digital compass. I often roughly estimate the direction by seeing the direction of the sun. But from iPhone 3G S, such primitive way you (I) do not have to use anymore. You (I) will be able to read maps smarter with the compass 😉


Regarding Apps, Push Notification Service would push the usability and possibility of Zeptotools up.  iPhone is changing people’s life style, and we hope Zeptotools will change people’s work style too, for more easire and comfortable way.

Before we developed ZeptoPad and Zeptoline, we had to sit in front of PC or on the chair to write documents or draw images with PC or by handwriting.But now, using ZeptoPad and ZeptoLiner, we can write draft of documents and share image sketches wherever and whenever.

Up to now, Apps’ new notification was shown only when we checked it. However, Push Notification Service will notify you of something new in the Apps automatically. In addition, iPhone’s alarm sounds are changeable in each App. So, we think that the system will provide something new work style as well as some tricks!


Considering such things, we are planning to develop something new app using the system. Of course, we are upgrading ZeptoPad and ZeptoLiner to be more tactful tools. I’m really looking forward to the future of iPhone, Apps and Zeptotools.

Hope the future will be more exciting and wonderful for you.

See you on next post or at WWDC!

Hi guys,

How things going for you? Again, I brought small tips of Glandarius Wing Strike!

This is a walkthrough video of level 3. It will tell you how to dodge attacks of armies, take chains, and defeat the boss! check it out 🙂

Hope you have nice weekend with Glandarius Wing Strike.

See you later.

DIY with ZeptoPad

March 31, 2009

Spring has come, and it’s become good time for doing anything.

On such a glorious day, it’s good to go for a walk around my town, to read books under a tree, or to chat with friends. I also like carpentering and gardening for my spare time.

Last Sunday, as one of my such hobbies, I tried to improve my room’s veranda by fixing some bugs of it and adding some pots with greens.

For the improvement, I measured the length and the width of the veranda,  sketched an image of the space, and listed things up to buy.

Sketched the image…??? Of course, I used ZeptoPad for that! The function to import photos and draw pictures on them is helpful for me. I took pictures of my veranda with the iPhone’s built-in camera and imported them into my ZeptoPad. I took notes of the space’s lengths on it. It’s easier to sketch images on it rather than on a sheet of paper.



Also I could show the image to shop clerk of DIY store. I consulted the clerk  for the materials, which is suitable for the space, and tools, which tool should I use to fix the bugs, and so on.

For DIY, I have used ZeptoPad to sketch images and take notes on it. In addition, to make lists of to buy and to do, I used ZeptoLiner. I always do DIYs with these apps!

How about such a life style with ZeptoTools?