“Himasele” Reinvents the Android Home Screen on Softbank

August 19, 2011

UEI is proud to unveil a new home screen application for Android co-developed with cell phone giant Softbank!

Softbank is known for its iPhone success, but its Android offerings have also enjoyed excellent reception. Unlike the largely rigid iPhone interface, Android allows users to tweak and personalize the home screen to their heart’s content. With this in mind, UEI designed “Himasele,” the ultimate interface for geeks who love to personalize their smartphones.

“Hima” is the Japanese word for “free” or “unoccupied,” and “sele” is short for “Select.” Hence, “Himasele” is the ultimate tool for making free time productive!

Himasele offers immediate access to GIZMODO, Weekly Ascii, Evernote, hit Tweet curation service Togetter, and even a direct link to play games from UEI’s popular 9leap contest:

A simple flick allows users to easily toggle between RSS feeds and thumbnail-sized images.

What’s more, this interface even enjoys touch-screen functionality on the flip phone 007SH:

We can credit much of this unique, cyber punk-inspired interface to UEI’s own Sho Yamazaki. “Himasele” was developed over a comparatively short period of time, Sho reveals, and as a result programmers had to work particularly hard to refine the product. The application delivers on all fronts, particularly with its easy access to Twitter-enabled 9leap games. Sho is also proud to point out the unique red-toned interface, a fresh look for such a home screen. Users can choose green as well, but red “isn’t used often in cyber punk” and thus presented a fresh challenge. The goal was to create the impression of “something familiar, but at the same time unlike anything you’d seen before.”

Sho promises many more features (especially new 9leap features!) to be added in the near future. Stay tuned!


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