Chirpstory…get more bang for your Tweet!

December 20, 2010

Here at UEI, we pride ourselves on unleashing fresh ideas upon an unsuspecting world.

Saying of which, ever hear of a little website called “Twitter?”

Nah, I’m not about to claim that we invented it. Bogus bragging rights belong to politicians. What we can claim, however, is supporting the release of the newest and best tool for managing Twitter’s endless stream of data: Chirpstory is the international edition of Togetter, Japan’s most popular Tweet curation service. With two million users at last count, Togetter provides an easy-to-use suite of tools to drag and drop Tweets into lists that can then be published online. Now Togetter creator Toshiaki Yoshida is ready to take on the world with Chirpstory.

Why a Tweet curation service, you ask? Because, quite simply, it’s well-nigh impossible to mine all the valuable information pouring out of Twitter at any given moment. Chirpstory allows a user to cut through the noise of retweets and spam, picking out and saving noteworthy or interesting Tweets in a chronological or thematic narrative. In essence, it gives Tweets a second life…not as spur-of-the-moment, 140-character thoughts, but single pieces of a larger story.

And the best part is that since the site is free, and tremendously intuitive to use, that narrative is whatever you want it to be. Whether you’re organizing Tweets from a conference, political event, or humorous online trend, Chirpstory is the ideal way to give “what’s happening?” a complete answer.

But why are you reading my New Coke sales pitch, when you could give the real elixir a try? Chirpstory is just a proverbial click away.

If you have suggestions for improving the service, feel free to send a Tweet to @chirpstory.

One Response to “Chirpstory…get more bang for your Tweet!”

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