Terratag comes to Tokyo!

November 10, 2010

Hullo friends!

At the end of October UEI had the privilege of hosting a very special guest. Paul Nicholson, renowned designer of Terratag fame, joined us for a week of Tokyo shenanigans. Paul’s no stranger to Japan; in addition to his wide range of mecha and ukiyoe influenced t-shirt designs, you may recognize his “Laughing Man” logo from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. It only takes a few minutes of talking to Paul to realize that he knows his anime and manga. I mean, he really knows his stuff…even the most seasoned Japanese fans proved hard-pressed to beat him in trivia matches.

That having been said, a designer like Paul never stops hungering for new inspiration…and he proved this in spades as we explored Tokyo together in his quest for new material. Here are a few shots he snapped on our rambles.

Keep your eyes peeled, folks…these and similar images may be influencing some loopy new designs…

Of course, what’s a trip from London to Tokyo without a little play? Especially when the trip happens to coincide with Halloween? Unfortunately for Paul, he didn’t manage to escape unscathed from our desire for after-hours cosplay mischief.

Moe moe kyun!

Now, we’ll see if that ends up in one of Paul’s next designs…

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