MM9: Monster Magnitude 9 App Released!

July 23, 2010

Let’s face it: organizing one’s thoughts on Zeptopad is great. Easily saving those thoughts to Evernote sweetens the package. If your personality veers towards the poetical, scribbling out some calligraphy on iShodo can’t hurt, either.

But it ain’t worth a hill of beans without a monster or two to trash it, eh?

That’s our attitude here at UEI, which is why we’re psyched to announce the release of the official application tie-in to MBS’s new special-effects extravaganza MM9.

Based on Hiroshi Yamamoto’s 2007 novel of the same name, the adventure airs new episodes each Wednesday on MBS at 1:30 a.m. (nothing beats monster mayhem in the wee hours of the morning…) and concerns the fictional Japan Meteorological Agency Monsterological Measures Department (MMD for short…gotta love it). In MM9‘s fictional world, monsters are real…but then again, so are typhoons, earthquakes, and any number of other natural disasters. Paranormal creatures simply exist as one of many challenges humanity must face in an ever-more complex world. As such, much of the action centers not on the critters themselves but on the team of MMD professionals who must counter their activities. At the heart of the team is new member Sakura Fujisawa (Anna Ishibashi) and her mentor Mikazuki (Machiko Ono).

Not that MM9 is light on its monster and action pedigree, mind you. A first-rate staff includes show-runner Shinji Higuchi (Neon Genesis Evangelion, the Heisei Gamera trilogy, Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean), writer Kazunori Ito (Ghost in the Shell), and guest directors like Kiyotaka Taguchi (Geharha: The Dark and Long Hair Monster).

All of which adds up to a grand ol’ time for monsters, humans, and audiences alike. And that’s where our new MM9 app, available now from iTunes, comes in. It expands the MM9 experience to your iPad, with detailed information on cast, staff, and story. But best of all, it features a ground-breaking streaming feed of MM9 itself, allowing you to watch new episodes as they air and for a full week afterwards.

All that, and did I mention that it’s free?

Here are some screenshots of monster-smash app goodness.

Main menu. Should be pretty self-explanatory:

A summary of the original novel, and the new adaptation:

Now here’s where the real hand-rubbing glee begins: on this screen you can select episodes and watch them in a blazing high quality right on your iPad:


I’m sorry to report that the app is available only in Japanese (as is MM9). However, I’d encourage interested buckaroos out there to check it out regardless of linguistic competence. It’s the latest iteration of Japan’s fascinating, ever-evolving giant monster genre…and gnarly monsters, gnarlier guys, and cute gals need no translation.

MM9 is copyright 2010 MBS, by the way…so be warned! If you’re naughty the monsters will get ya…

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