iShodo for iPad Released!

July 1, 2010

Hello everyone,

A Japanese calligraphy simulator for the iPad, iShodo for iPad, has been released! Your iPad will be transformed into a calligraphy kit and you can easily enjoy writing letters and drawing pictures with it.

Now available at AppStore for $6.99!

You can select a brush size of thin, medium, and large. Black and red color ink are available. For dynamic letters or detailed pictures, you can use it for many writings.

Once you finished creating your work, you can save it to your iPad’s photo library. Send it to Twitter, and it will be sent to the iShodo users’ gallery too. Show and enjoy works of iShodo with other users.

Visit users’ gallery:

When the iPad is used vertically, paper will be shown in full screen. You can enjoy real, beautiful and smooth writing on the screen of the iPad.

For further detaill:

I’m looking forward to seeing your works at the users’ gallery.

Enjoy Japanese calligraphy with iShodo. Hope you like it:)

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