Unvailed: Zeptopad Planner Note for iPad

June 2, 2010

Hello everyone.

Sorry for late notification, but finally our Zeptopad for iPad, or “Zeptopad Planner Note for iPad” was released!

Zeptopad planner note

I will harp the features of this app later and bother you, but before that, please watch this demo movie!

The remarkable features for this version are:

Duplicate shapes with connectors

You can duplicate a shape with point connector easily. The feature is suitable to make mind mapping, tree type data structure, relationship models, and more.

Full colour and gradation colour

This app supports full colour and you can paint a shape with gradation colour of 2 different colours including clear one.

Multi Fonts

Multi-font faces are available in this app. The font of your text will change the impression of your worksheet.

VGA connector support

Presentation with Zeptopad is so easy. Just connect a VGA cable with your iPad (with connector supporter), and your worksheet will be both on your iPad and external display. The worksheets are synced in realtime. For discussion, presentation, or performance, you can use Zeptopad in multi-scenes.

Save your worksheet on Evernote (TM)

Once you set your Evernote account, you can send worksheet of Zeptopad to your Evernote. So, your idea on the worksheet will be saved in multi environments and never make it in vain.

Template symbols

Now some symbols such as shapes of a heart, a star, a Mac, an iPhone, or an iPad are available on the app. You can use them as other shapes: enlarge, shrink, rotate, duplicate and so on. They will support your drawing.

Coming Soon! Web browser and clipping the page

Ver 4,1 is being released soon. The version supports web browsing. In addition, you can import the page as an image to your worksheet and return the web site from the image!

The price of the app is $49.99, You may feel the price is high at first. However, we believe that the price is fair and we will add more features to this app in the future to make the app more useful and attractive.

The app is not just the transferring of Zeptopad from iPhone to iPad. Our programmer Furukawa rewrote almost all the programme of the app for iPad.  The usability of this application would be gratefully improved and is being improved now.We will do the best to make the application your real best partner in business and creative work!

App Store

Your impressions or requests for Zeptopad Planner Note for iPad are welcome.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions for the app. (We hope it will be a rare case, but please let us know your complaining too!)

See you soon. bye-bye!

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