iPad Lovers’ Party and ZeptoPad for iPad Beta ver. Distributed

May 13, 2010

Hi all, how are you?

We had a party to celebrate the start of reservation iPad in Japan for iPad lovers on 10th May.

Though the reservation just started that day, more than half people who came to the party have already got iPad!

Beta version of ZeptoPad for iPad is distributed to the testers at the party.  People who got ZeptoPad for iPad Betawere really interested in new features.

So, development of ZeptoPad for iPad is almost completed. Features are fixed and now we are recruiting more 10 Beta testers for refinement of the application. If you want to be a Beta tester, feel free to email us to customer@uei.co.jp!

2 Responses to “iPad Lovers’ Party and ZeptoPad for iPad Beta ver. Distributed”

  1. Rockyromero Says:

    I enjoy Z for iPhone and would like to try out Z for iPad..

    The cost for the Z for iPad is prohibitive for now.

    • hidemy Says:

      Thank you very much first of all for using Zeptopad!
      I agree with you, even for me, the price is rather high! However, the usability of the Zeptopad for iPad is really improved and many new features are added. We will add more features before so long and will do best to make the app really nice application!
      Please watch the demo movie that will explain the features of the application.

      Thank you.

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