Will iPhone Blend?

August 23, 2009

Hi everyone,

Do you remember that, last summer, we were really looking for the release of a mobile device at the street of Omotesando. We have being in the long queue and waited for the day of release for 4 days in front of the shop. Then, you know, “Mr Kondo” became the first user in Japan. Yes, it was iPhone.

11th of July, it was the first release of iPhone in Japan, so we were really excited by having our own iPhones.  At the same day, of course in United States, it was released. However, in the queue of there, there was a person who got iPhone not only as his mobile but also as an object of his experiment. Hamlet says, ” To be or not to be, that is the question.” But a man in the clip say “Will it blend? that is the question.”

Oh, no! We might be faint at the sight of it if we’ve seen it on the day we got iPhone. But… it is funny…!!! The mixer blend everything, from McDonald’s meal to diamonds! Also, as you’ve seen, iPhone! How strong the edge is! I want it to make my morning mix juice. Ha-ha.

But, finally, can I say, “will iPhone apps blend?”

That is the question!

Bye-bye 😉

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