MONTBLANC Pen for iPhone/iPod touch

August 22, 2009

Hello, we haven’t seen you for ages, but under our silence, we are creating some new apps.

Do you remember that I mentioned the sister of iShodo, the app of MONTBLANC’s fountain pen? To tell the truth, it has already been released in Japan. So, today, I will introduce more detail of the app.

MB 001

Just tap “WRITE NOW” and write anything you want on the sheet!

MB 004 

If you tap on the left edge of the screen, you can select the boldness of line: EF (thin), F(middle),  and M(bold). 

MB 002

Also, by tapping right edge, 4 ink pods will show up. 4 colours are available:  Royal blue, Blue-black, violet, and Bordeaux.

Of course, your work can be saved in your photo library and be sent to your Twitter account with your comment.  

This application is the first official application of Montblanc and is designed for its longtime support to the children aid organisation, UNICEF. The model of this is a traditional and well-known fountain pen of Montblanc, Meisterstu”ck, loved by many people since its first appearance in 1924. 

This is FREE app, but we contribute 1 yen to UNICEF according to the number of download (total in December 2009)of this application. 

Your download will be contribution to the UNICEF!

Oh, but sorry users overseas… I know that some readers of this blog are really interested in this app, but currently, it is available only in Japan. It will be released at the AppStore around the world bofore so long. Sorry but thank you for your understanidng.

See you soon.

2 Responses to “MONTBLANC Pen for iPhone/iPod touch”

  1. radu Says:

    i want this app . can u help me plz

    • hidemy Says:

      Hi Radu,

      Thank you very much for your interest!
      But really sorry the app is only released in Japan as one of UNICEF campaigns.
      When the app will be released in other regions, I will tell it on this blog.
      So please a bit more patient until then.
      Thanks again.

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