ZeptoPad 3.0.2

July 17, 2009

Hi all, how things going for you?

Following the renewal of ZeptoPad,  ver. 3.0.2  was also released. Of course, upgrading is for free!


For this version, some features were improved or added as follows.

  • The resolution of line and text was improved. It became twice as former version.
  • See-through is added to inside colour of boxes and circles.
  • The inconvenience of typing new line was fixed.

Sorry for inconvenience of ZeptoPad, but hope these improvements will be helpful for your ZeptoPad using!

Thank you for your love for ZeptoPad 🙂

Here is the link to download ZeptoPad 3.0.2


2 Responses to “ZeptoPad 3.0.2”

  1. how do i download the 3.0.2 version ? it does not come up on iphone application or updates ande there is no download or link on the website ? 858-405-4070

    • hidemy Says:

      Oh, sorry for no link to it here. Please search “zeptopad” on the AppStore with your iPhone or try this link to the 3.0.2 on iTunes with your PC.
      I’ll write the same link on this post as well.

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