ZeptoPad 2.99β Tested Now

May 30, 2009

Hello everyone,

Thank you for many applying for β tester of ZeptoPad 2.99 and I’m sorry if you were not elected the candidate due to the limited number of it.

On May 29th, we have sent the test version of ZeptoPad 2.99 β to the testers, so they might have started using it.

ZeptoPad 2.99 is easier and more beautiful tool to draw diagrams and lines. The Connector function supports to indicate connection between figures more effectively and clearly. In addition, you can snap figures with this version.  The worksheet you made is managed in folders.

The processing speed of this application has also been improved. This version is processed by OpenGL, Quartz, and CoreAnimation.  It automatically select the most suitable rendering engine among them so that processing speed is higher than the former versions.

Hope these new features and improvement of this version are helpful for not only giving presentation but also your creative life. With this application, if you diddled something that I believe must be a wonderful art, how about showing it off by these presentation function?

We are looking forward to hearing the impressions of the testers. After improving some, everyone will be able to use it before so long. Please look forward then.

Thank you for your every cooperation.

Best wishes 🙂

2 Responses to “ZeptoPad 2.99β Tested Now”

  1. O Says:

    You forget to include delete function in 3.0. Great development…

    • hidemy Says:

      When you want to delete your work,
      at “Home,” pleae push for a while the worksheet you want to delete.
      Then the worksheet will begin shaking with “X” mark like on iPhone’s menu screen.
      Just tapping “X” at the worksheet you want to delete, then it will be done.

      If you want to delete lines on your worksheet,
      please open “Edit” and select “Cut” to erase your figures.

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