Chain Takes You to the Next Level -tips for GWS-

April 21, 2009

Hi all, how’s going?

Do you enjoy Glandarius Wing Strike? I’m now at level 5 and struggling with the incredibly armed boss… I’ve sent my score to the website of GWS. We’re looking forward to your join the ranking. Please check it out and renew it one after another!

GWS level3

GWS level3

By the way, some players may also be struggling with the challenging levels. So I’d like to let you know some little tips to break through the levels!

First of all, many lives make it easier to endure enemy’s merciless attacks.  At every 300 thousand points, you can earn one more player life. To get more point, it’s better to succeed in “chains.” If you locked on 4 enemies at the same time and defeat them, you can earn a chain count. The number of the count multiplys the points you get. So, the more you add the chain count, the easier to earn your player’s lives. If you get used to, you will earn 3 lives at the first level.

GWS level4

GWS level4

And more, actually, collision detection is set low. So, it is not so difficult to slip into the openings between enemies’ attacks. Just try it when you thought your player was surrounded by enemies’ attacks and couldn’t escape from them!

GWS level5

GWS level5

Have you seen level 6? Up to level 5, you can check the images on the official website, but the final one is still top secret. Hope these tips will take you to the next level and you will see the final level!

See you at the ranking;-)

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