On iBeer

March 24, 2009


Do you like beer? Yes, I DO! I like Budwiser, Guiness, Hoegaarden, Asahi, Tiger, etc…. Especially during summer time, a lot of people drink beer at home, at a pub, at a beer garden, or at a park. I love to read books drinking a glass of beer under the comfortable sunshine on a holiday. Only such imagination makes me happy…

Anyway the reason why I wrote such a thing on this blog is, to talk about, maybe you’ve already know, iBeer by Hottrix.

This application is really long running.  Though, it was first released at the end of June 2008, still ranks as one of the top 100 paid applications on AppStore of so many countries. To find the reason why this application is loved for a long time, I humbly but would like to examine the features of it!

Main features of the app ver. 3.01 are “Drink,” “Brew,” “Shake” and “Burp”

If you pour the beer into your screen of iPhone/iPod Touch, you can pretend to drink it from both top corners of iPhone. If you shake your device, the form will be increased. When the glass of iPhone is emptied, a sound of burp will come up if the function was ON. You can select  a glass of beer from 5 drinks: 4 beer and 1 mouthwash!

Regarding the reality of graphics and sounds, the beer is ok. The graphics itself is clear and beautiful. The forms of the beer, bubbles, or dirty empty glasses is well realized. However, if I could say more, for me, it looks like rather soda. It has too much gas. The form is not so creamy. The sound of brewing is rather like a well of beer. Not like a puring from a bottle nor a beer server.

Furthermore, I do not like the sound of burp so much… sorry,  though some people commented the sound was so funny and cool.

However, I agree the interesting trick, “Magic Button.” Pressed the button for a while, and the ON mark becomes orange. Then, when you try to back to the drink select menu, the screen becomes a fake iPhone’s menu. If you tap somewhere on the screen, suddenly, in your screen, beer will be filled with.


Hum… Yes, it is fun for spare time, to kill time. But, the price was not so reasonable for me. It costs higher than iShodo or BullCam!

Seeing the comments, I found most  people enjoy the features. However, some say that the app is not worth paying, rather, some feel it was waste of money. Some rated the least mark because sometimes it crushes. So, beside the problems of system and the price, people are generally pleased with the features themselves. It’s certain that it would get far better evaluation if it was free app.

Mmmmm… the more I study, the deeper the mystery of it becomes!

My conclusion is, “Just have fun.” Maybe the hilarious but funny ideas catches many people’s attention. Actually, my first impression was “seems so funny!” The features stimulates the interest of beer lovers. However, seeing the price, I hesitated to purchase it a little. “Entertainment” and “Beer” those may be a part of the reasons why the application is long running though not all people satisfied with it. By the version-ups, more tricks or variety of drinks are added. That has made people fun continually.

Though I said many things, we would like to make an application which is loved by many people for a long time. For that point, I really respect this application (of course, the application itself is funny!). Referring to the good points of such apps, we want to create more attractive apps.

However, the most disappointing point for me is, I can’t quench my thirsty with iBeer!!

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