iPhone OS 3.0 and After

March 20, 2009

Apple disclosed the features of coming iPhone OS 3.0.


Among about 1000 new APIs introduced by them, the followings seem to be related to end users.

  1. Stereo Bluetooth A2D2 audio (accessing your music from applications)
  2. Landscape Keyboard in Mail
  3. Copy & Paste
  4. Spotlight (Searching across entire information)
  5. 3G Tethering

The following features are related to developers like us.

  1. Subscription to Apps
  2. Purchase for additional content for apps
  3. Peer-to-peer WiFi Bluetooth connectivity
  4. Push Notification

(for further information, see Gizmode)

iPhone, as a mobile device, is to “check mate” other mobile devices, at least Japanese ones.

This version up will make iPhone superior to Japanese mobile phones except the system of Felica. However, it can be said that a better feature than Felica will be added to iPhone before so long.

On the AppStore, it will be possible to purchase new contents thorough software itself (the same way is adopted in the latest Japanese i-Appli). That means it also becomes possible to sell games by stages or  comics by chapters. Users will be able to download a software itself free or charge. If they would like more, they would purchase its additional contents.

Checkmate, yes, that is the checkmate.


I heard that 30 million iPhones had been sold.  Even the latest device as the main stream of Japanese mobile game contents  have not. Now, subscription system is applied to AppStore. There is no reason to reject developing contents for iPhone.

Even my least estimate, iPhone will increase its lead over the Google’s Android Market or Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Market. It would be difficult for Google and Microsoft to apply the subscription model to their market. At least 6 months, or a year at the most, iPhone keep the advantage over them. A year after, iPhone will be increase its lead more.

iPhone is being developed really systematically. Like a divine creation. We, as developers on the earth, such a development cannot explain well.

Junk Apps only for a moment pleasure will disappear. Instead, more sophisticated one which is valuable to pay continually will make constant profit.  In other words, creators of contents should not sell junk softwares, but plan credible business model and manage their products. That has functioned as a prime rule in Japanese mobile market.

So far, even not good but popular applications have made profits by millions yens per week. However, from now,  only good application will make its profits by billions yens per year because of the subscription model.

I suppose iPhone App developers around the world think the same things as us during these a few days. What can we create with this new features? How about this? Is that better?

iPhone OS 3.0 has far better features than I expected. More interesting and exciting applications will be developed by many developers. iPhone market must become more competitive.

Our competition around the world has just started!

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  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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