ZeptoLiner OPML Import β is Now Open!!

March 16, 2009

Dear all,

Hello, how you doing? Today, I brought a good news for you!Do you have a ZeptoLiner?

As you may know, it is an application of outline processor for iPhone. Have you tried experimental OPML import function of it? We have announced it at the end of last year. As 3 months passed, the function’s grade was up and Beta ver. of OPML import function for ZeptoLiner has just started.

ZeptoLiner OPML Converter Beta

If an OPML format file is uploaded on the web converter, the web will convert the format into another one for ZeptoLiner. Then, you can send the file to an iPhone.

Now we are checking the functionality under the OPMLs of major outline processors (or outliner softwares), like Omni Outliner.

You will be asked to set your password because the conversion is be done through the web. Click the URL in the e-mail you got, and Safari will start. Then, enter your password which you set at the web above,  and OPML will be imported.

At the present stage, user interface is not so excellent due to iPhone’s functional limitations. However, we will open this service to the public. Because we suppose many people want to use the function.

At the test, 200KB OPML file was successfully imported. Though, It is possible to import 5,000 lines, iPhone itself may not be able to process such volume. So, we recommend importing around 500 lines.

We hope this function is helpful and useful for you.

Best wishes, bye:D

4 Responses to “ZeptoLiner OPML Import β is Now Open!!”

  1. I love this site.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Ken Says:

    Hi Zeptofolks,

    I’ve been a fan of list organisers for many years. For me Zeptoliner is the greatest one on the iPhone. It really makes good use of the iPhone features. I love being able to drag/drop and indent with my finger, being able to change font size and using the iPhone in landscape mode. Terrific stuff!

    I also have a big request. Please develop a PC version of it that I can use to synch with the iPhone.

    Do that and I’ll be in seventh heaven.

    Enjoy. Take care. Best regards…Ken

    • hidemy Says:

      Hi Ken,

      We are glad to hear your good impression of ZeptoLiner.
      Also, we will consider your nice request for a future version.
      Thank you very much for using our app.
      Hope it will be benefit for you continually!

  3. Jesse Says:

    Are you still working on Zeptoliner? It’s been so long since an update, and you seem much more focused on Zeptopad now… 😦

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