Invisible Computer in Visible Future -UEI’s Future Vision the Final-

March 9, 2009

By the way, 10 years later, what will happen to computers in the office?

Ryo says there will be no computer in the offices.

At first I couldn’t believe his words, because he loves computers so much! But I understand the meaning of his words as he continued the story.

In the future, People won’t use computers except some who have computer-specialized jobs.

It is only during these 10 years that each people in the office became able to use at least one computer. So, situation will change greatly as well.

Now, liquid-crystal display is widely used. But it was so expensive only a few years ago and instead of it, CRT was taking space on the desk. Thanks to the low price of note PC, address-free offices became possible.

The next stage of “note PC” will be “no PC.”

In fact, now, more people can do their work only with iPhone.

Firstly, “no PC” life will be started by the persons whose work is done mainly by meeting and exchanging e-mail. Such persons lack of time and have higher status, so people around them can adjust their schedule to the persons. Gradually, “no PC” life style will prevail into the people who does not always use PC. And after 10 years, there is no computer in the office.

Furthermore, business e-mail has much redundant. Greetings nor Salutations are not necessary.

Actually, between colleagues in the same company, less and less greetings are used. The day would come before so long when people use only content words in their e-mail, “next week, meeting, afternoon, member XX, CC all,” like this. You may not believe but only for about 10 years since all colleagues have their e-mail address of their company.

So, 10 years is enough time to make work style change so different.

The number of computers is increasing rapidly. So, one day, it may turn on its head.

Because computers are big, space taker, and not convenient. Cannot bring in my pocket.

Note PC is after all, “note” PC.

The size won’t be smaller than the PC like type P. However, this size is still a bit too large to bring in one’s pocket. Even in one’s pocket, PC will protrude whilst walking like the clip above.

In Microsoft’s clip, there seems to be no computer. It may be common and unspoken agreement that a computer as a device is disappearing from the office. Considering this, Microsoft predicts the relevant future. Present PC is denied in a sense by the company whose heart of products is PC.

PC will dissolve into a form which is accessed by new paper or new card.

In the world as such, Microsoft will develop their computer. Won’t they?

This is the future story Ryo told me the other day.After I heard the story, I felt a concern for salesmen of Microsoft. My one concern is that they may be confused by the clip, thinking “which Windows should I sell?”


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