A Traditional Shinto Ritual with ZeptoPad

February 13, 2009

Traditionally Japanese saw the gods in the nature. Nature is the source of life. That always should be remembered. In the technology society, the distance between people and nature is far both physically and spiritually. We seem to have forgotten the importance of the nature. However, it can be said that technology itself is a new way to tell the notion to the next generation. With new technology, so, ZeptoPad.


On 21st and 22nd February 2009, an event is to be held by Ms Naoko TOSA and Mr Toshinori KONDO, at Kamigamo shrine, in Kyoto. The event is “Sei-sei Rei-rei.” To Mr Kondo’s trumpet music, Ms Tosa creates more mystic atmosphere by displaying hieroglyphics, pictures, and thunders on the wall of the shrine, within the traditional Shinto ritual ceremony. To display the things, she will use five projectors and a drawing software, ZeptoPad.


In the event, traditional Shinto ritual, melodious music, and computer technology will be amazingly harmonized. And the harmony will create more novel, awful, but somewhat dear atmosphere and will touch your senses of sight, hearing, and the sixth sense…? We are very happy that our ZeptoPad is to be used for this wonderful event.

Ms Naoko Tosa is Japanese media artist and professor of Kyoto University. Mixture of traditional Japanese style and high-technology computer is the characteristic of her art.

Mr Toshinori Kondo is a famous Japanese Jazz trumpet player who is qualified in Europe, North America, and of course Japan.

For more detail of Ms Tosa, click here.

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