CSC Music Downloadable around the World

February 8, 2009

Hi, sorry for kept you waiting so long! 


But now, songs and sound tracks by CSC are available on iTunes Store all over the world! Wow! Yatta!


Do you remember CSC, Cyberspace Cowboys? They are music band and Akihabara citizen computer cowboys. In my last article, I told you about their karaoke song. As I’ve mentioned, we use their music on our YouTube videos.



At that time, their songs were available only on iTunes Store Japan. Many people around the world asked us and Shin Ishimaru (the leader of the band) what the music was and where they could get the music, and he decided world-wide distribution of their music. So from now, it doesn’t matter whether you are in Asia, America, Europe or any other country. You can download them on iTunes Store! If you want to listen more, search “Cyberspace Cowboys” on iTunes Store.


CSC’s adventure in the wilderness of computer desert has already started. And now, they started on adventure in the world. I expect them to succeed in their adventure and their music become one of your favorite.


Von Voyage CSC!


Also, ZeptoPad2.0 is used to draw Sad Mac 2.0 above!


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