BullCam is now availabe

January 12, 2009

Hi there,


We released a new app for the iPhone! The name is BullCam.


It is an application which transforms your iPhone camera into a multi-lendsed camera. You can take 3 to 16 sequential pictures. Also possible to swithc wide/normal shape of frames, and to change intervals of shutters between 100ms and 800ms. 

You can save the pictures into Photo Library of iPhone as a sheet and upload it onto the Twitter! So, share and view user gallery at Twitter.


This application will expand your photo experience.   It allows you to make make dynamic pictures or multi objects pictures.

Catch your dramatic moments and make catchy pictures!

It is now available at AppStore, only for$0.99!

2 Responses to “BullCam is now availabe”

  1. Will59 Says:


    This is a nice app.

    Feature request: Save each snapshot as a separate picture.



  2. hidemy Says:

    I’m really glad you like our app, and thank you very much for your comment.

    We refer to your opinion for future upgrade.

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